18 Sanity-Saving Baby Products for New Moms

Call them baby hacks, must-have items or just sanity-saving products for new parents, some things are worth investing in when you have small children.

Okay, so these baby items aren’t “necessary” in the traditional sense. But they make a heck of a difference in the day to day when you’re wrangling a toddler and baby around or simply struggling with the basics, and ready to pull out your hair!

Check out all of these very cool baby products below…I’m sure you’ll find something you wish you had sooner!

Struggling with caring for a baby and toddler? Have no fear, these sanity-saving baby products will make life a LOT less stressful! Whether you call them baby hacks or helpful tools, you'll love all of these!

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1. Woombie Swaddle

Let’s start with the basics. You’re home with a new baby and haven’t quite mastered the swaddle. No need to fret. It does take a bit of practice (even if those nurses in the hospital made it look easy-peasy!). This Woombie Swaddle is your solution. Not only does it keep baby safe and warm, it also keeps baby’s arms down to prevent the startle reflex which can keep them up at night. Win-win!swaddle for baby2. Onesie with Shoulder Flaps

Ever wonder about the purpose of those shoulder flaps decorating most onesies? They’re not just there for looks. These bad boys help you handle those unexpected diaper blowouts that are typical with little ones. You simply pull the onesie down each arm working your way down, instead of the opposite direction! You can pretty much find them everywhere these days, but here’s a super cute one to check out!onesie3. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

I recently discovered this genius invention. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. When baby just needs to be comforted but the darn paci won’t stay put. Instead of hovering over to pop it back in place, use the WubbaNub pacifier. This sanity-saver acts as a weight to help it stay close to baby while sucking!Pacifier Toy Helper4. Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier

Hailed as the only pacifier that closes as it drops, this is another product to help keep mommy sane. No more sanitizing that binky every 5 minutes. Another amazing invention you can buy here!

falling pacifier5. Leg Warmers

Most newborns go through about 8-12 diapers a day; that number may drop a bit as baby grows, but it’s still pretty significant. Knowing you’ll be changing diapers around the clock, makes this leg warmers product a must so you can simplify the process while keeipng baby warm.leg warmers6. Mirror

It’s a bit nerve-wrecking to drive around with a new baby. Ease those fears with a mirror that lets you keep an eye on baby to make sure he’s safe and mama is relaxed.baby mirror7. Mommy Hook

I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve had to run to the store to grab a few things, that turn into a lot more things than I planned. Having a mommy hook that easily attaches bags to stroller is just what a mom with her hands full needs.

mommy hook

8. Laundry Bags

Sick of all those mismatched socks filling your laundry bins? I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve spent way too much hours searching for missing socks around the house. SO glad I discovered these laundry bags that you just fill with dirty socks and toss in the wash to make sorting that much more easier!!laundry bags for socks9. Seatbelt Holder

I simply love this idea! Getting the kids buckled into their carseats is always a huge ordeal. I’m always struggling to get the seatbelt straps and harness in place, but this awesome carseat helper uses magnets to keep the straps out of the way so I can get my kids into the car quickly.

seatbelt helper

10. Carseat Canopy

Chilly outside? Too much sun for baby? Whatever the weather, take your baby out with you in confidence with the carseat canopy to shield baby from seasonal changes or unpleasant temperatures.

carseat canopy11. Sippy Cup Leash

What mom hasn’t found herself playing the case of the missing sippy cup yet again and again?! If you’re tired of losing all those cups, this sippy cup strap will help you have one less thing to worry about!

sippy cup leash

12. Nose Frieda

Whether its cold season or allergies, there comes a time when mom or dad will need to clear baby’s nose. It may feel strange to “suck” out baby boogers, but the nose frieda is a painless way to clear those boogies in a jiffy!

13. Safety Harness (aka Leash)

Before you look away in shock, think about it. Once your baby is a little older and becomes a toddler, things are bound to get a little hectic. Even more so when you’re a mom to a baby, toddler and maybe an older child and need a way to keep tabs on all kids when out in public. This kid-safe harness or “leash” is a MUST for those who have a rambunctious toddler and runner!

kid harness

14. Traveling Poncho

We’ve all heard about the dangers of wearing bulky coats in the car during the cold season. But how do you put a baby or toddler in a freezing vehicle in the middle of winter? Fear not, just have your child wear this adorable traveling poncho. It goes OVER the seat belts acting as a warm blanket to keep your child happy while you wait for the car to get comfy! Genius!

traveling carseat poncho

15. Baby Carrier

I can’t stress the importance of having some kind of carrier or wrap like this one to wear your baby. It just gives you the ability to multitask during those crazy moments in motherhood. This is a MUST if you have more than one kid!baby ergo 16. Portable High Chair

When  you’re out on the go and your kid won’t stay put, you’ll be super thankful you invested in one of these portable high chairs that you can take to grandma’s or the next family party. No more balancing baby on your lap to eat while you try to grab a bite yourself.portable chair for toddler

17. Infant Airplane Seat

Any mom who’s had to travel with a baby on a plane will tell you what an adventure it can be. So anything to ease the experience is welcomed. This adorable little airplane seat that resembles a hammock, may be just what the doctor ordered to help get mommy and baby through it!

baby airplane bed hammock

18. Toddler Urinal

I had to throw this one in as a boy-mom, but isn’t it simply awesome?! As your baby grows and turns into a dirty little toddler, potty training will surely be an experience. Help those little boys transition from sitting on the potty to standing with this fun little frog urinal so they’ll really want to go pee-pee. Hey, if it works, why not?potty training boys standingSo many great unique ideas for new moms — which is your favorite?Struggling with caring for a baby and toddler? Have no fear, these sanity-saving baby products will make life a LOT less stressful! Whether you call them baby hacks or helpful tools, you'll love all of these!

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