Easy Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Safe in the Sun

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We’ve had a tough few months being cooped up indoors, waiting for Spring to finally arrive with the sun and warm weather. Our boys can never get enough of outdoor activities like exploring nature, splashing around with water, and simply running around to burn off energy. They just need that time outside to be kids!

So we’re thrilled that the days are finally getting longer and the sun is starting to shine.

But with all the change of seasons, comes more allergens in the air and higher temperatures that can cause skin irritations in little ones.

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And with a newborn joining the family, I’m even more cautious when it comes to spending time outdoors and protecting baby’s delicate skin.

My boys suffer from mild eczema — usually showing signs of dry skin that can be treated with organic lotions and creams. But I don’t just like to treat those symptoms, I like to prevent them altogether.

We always make it a point to look for hypoallergenic products that will come into contact with their skin. Everything from lotions to fabrics that they wear! And Dreft, the no. 1 baby detergent recommended by pediatricians is one of our favorites, with it’s gentle, hypoallergenic formula perfect for little ones!

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Dr. Hes, a mom and medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics, knows this all too well and offers tips on how to keep baby comfortable during this allergen season.

Protect your baby's delicate skin from allergens and skin irritants as the weather gets warmer. Tips you can use in Spring and Summer, from a pediatrician. #DreftSpring #PGPartner adTips for Protecting Baby’s Skin from Seasonal Irritants

1.  Shade the sun

When spending more time outside, don’t forget to keep baby’s skin safe:

  • Babies 6 months+: If your baby is 6 months or older, liberally use sunscreen, reapplying often! Also, avoid exposing your baby to the sun during peak hours — generally 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Don’t forget to dress your baby in protective clothing like a hat with a brim and sunglasses.
  • Babies younger than 6 months: Younger babies should be kept out of direct sunlight. Dress them in protective clothing and shielding them with light covers works well.

2. Make bath time beneficial

Did you know that over exposure to water can actually rob skin of natural moisture? That’s why it’s actually okay to scale back on bath time. This will help avoid the resulting itch — which is important for kids with eczema! About 10 minutes is plenty of time for water play and a quick scrub. Remember to use warm water (vs. hot) and leave the suds to the very end. Add a mild cleanser to keep skin soft and itch-free. Gently pat skin dry and moisturize with lotion to protect baby’s soft skin.

3. Load up on liquids

Hydration during the spring and summer months is important as baby gets more active outdoor time and sun exposure. Give kids water throughout the day. Infants should nurse or take a bottle often; older kids should tote a sippy cup or reusable water bottle. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and smoothies in your child’s diet too.

4. Choose the right fabrics and care for them properly.

When it comes to fabrics, it’s so important to choose gentle and hypoallergenic items to care for the items that touch baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also essential that fabrics be cared for properly. Wash baby items with a specially-formulated product such as Dreft, the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians to be gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s skin.

5. Protect Problem Skin

Heat is a common trigger for eczema, as the weather warms up, you can do a few things to prevent those flare ups and skin irritations. Shield baby from the sun’s direct rays during peak hours (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.). Parents can also download apps to track the hottest part of the day to help structure play  time outings!

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These are ALL such important tips to keep in mind as you spend more time in the sun with your kids. Be sure to save this list and learn more about Dreft — our go-to hypoallergenic baby detergent with a scent that has been loved by moms for years!

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