5 Ways to Overcome Mom Guilt

Moms have an uncanny knack to feel guilty about almost anything related to their children. If you are a stay at home mom, you might feel guilty that your kids don’t get enough time playing with other kids. If you are a working mom, you might feel guilty that you’re not there for them enough. The mom guilt needs to stop and the only thing that will overcome mom guilt is you.

5 ways to overcome mom guilt

Since these feelings all come from inside of you, there is no one else you can blame for making you feel guilty. No matter how much you think “society” or “your family” makes you feel that you are not enough – the truth is that the feelings are your own. To overcome them, you need to look at what is actually creating those feelings and ways to overcome them.

5 Ways to Overcome Mom Guilt

Many times the feeling might start with something someone else says to you. For example – working moms hear all the time that they must miss spending time with their kids or feel like they don’t spend enough time with their kids. The mom guilt arises when you think that what they are saying is true and there is something wrong with you. Follow these steps when you start feeling mom guilt.

1. Take a step back

Take a step back and a deep breath and give yourself a break. One you’re removed from the situation, you can have a better perspective on how you feel. Emotions can cloud how you really feel about something, so try not to make decisions in the moment.

2. Put Yourself First

If you are a working mom or work at home mom, you need to look at whether your life is balanced. Even as a stay at home mom, you need to balance “your life” with your kid’s lives. It is not always about them, so try to put yourself first every now and then.

3. Talk to a friend

An outside perspective can help if you’re struggling with feelings of guilt. A friend might be able to help you deal with your feelings of guilt by talking it out. Even if you’re a shy mom it’s important to have other mom friends in your life who will “get it.”

4. Meditate

Meditation is important to keep you balanced and mentally fit. It doesn’t have to be something that takes a long time, just try emptying your thoughts for 5-10 minutes a day. Clearing your mind can help you think clearer the rest of the day and also help with your perspective.

5. Physical Activity

Try to get in some physical activity – take a yoga class or go out for a run. Physical activity is something you can do for yourself that can help you with all the other steps. Take a step back, clear your mind and put yourself first.

5 ways to overcome mom guilt squareMom guilt is not something you have to suffer with in silence. You make every decision for your family in the best way that you can and you shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to provide a good life for your kids.

Do you have any tips to overcome mom guilt? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Mom guilt is the worst! Great advice. We need to be happy for what others have a rock out our own gifts!
    Natasha recently posted…5 Tips to Survive the Adoption WaitMy Profile

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for acknowledging this. Mom guilt has been something I’ve been struggling with and I am definitely the “shy mom” you spoke of. Don’t always like to reach out. Just helps to know someone out there gets that it’s a real thing.

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