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I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about this journey I started as a first-time mom!

As a mom to two rambunctious little boys (now)…with another one on the way, I know how hectic this whole motherhood journey can be – I’m living it!

MommysBundle.com is a parenting resource to help expectant moms, new moms and veteran moms alike find encouragement, support and weekly inspiration to navigate these crazy times!

While I frequently blog about pregnancy and issues facing moms of babies and toddlers, I also share family-friendly recipe ideas, kid’s crafts and occasional product reviews that have helped along my journey.

I hope you will find something that resonates with you!

Favorite Posts

If you’re new here, I’d love to share a few of my favorite posts. So check them out below:

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  1. Elizabeth Gleisberg says:

    Love your blog and looking forward to reading more posts to come!!! Best of luck!