Fear of Labor Pains

Lately, I've been giving a lot more thought to what labor and birth will actually feel like.  A bit too much at times.  I think I may be going overboard worrying, but I honestly just want to know what to expect as a first-time mother. I know that everyone says each and every pregnancy and experience is quite unique, and I don't doubt this is true since a number of factors play a key role here, including whether or not medication is administered.  But I still think that being aware of some of the signature pains and symptoms, will somehow prepare me for what is to come...if only mentally.  I … [Read more...]

Letters from Daddy 2/22/12

{Letters from Daddy are a series of letters from expectant father to son, on what it means to be a man.} Dear Chili, As I anxiously await your arrival, my mind is filled with past memories, moments, and choices that have shaped my life significantly.  Two concepts spring to mind; understanding them will help you as you mature, as you face the many decisions that will determine who you are.  First, know that once a decision is made, it cannot be unmade without consequence.  Do not fear this fact of life; embrace it.  For good or ill, any choice you make will invariably affect your future … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays: A Bad Haircut

These pictures clearly speak for themselves, but I just want to emphasize that both my husband and I, were extremely upset to find our very fluffy dogs were practically hairless when we picked them up from the groomers this weekend. Yes, they were very matted and needed a good trim, but it's Winter for God's sake!  Now they look like their identities have been stolen. Sad :(. … [Read more...]

26 Weeks Pregnant

I'm feeling good overall this week. The only thing really hurting is my back -- and it's been a chronic issue for over 10 years now, so not blaming this symptom on pregnancy!  I've also noticed that my skin has become super itchy over the last few weeks -- my stomach and ankles especially! The one thing I've been bad at, is staying away from fried or less-than ideal food groups this week -- mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers and pizza to name a few.  It's just hard to feed my hunger with salads sometimes.  I've also noticed that sweets are all I crave these days -- perhaps it's a sign that … [Read more...]

Product Review: Safety First Tub & Shower Seat

I wanted to do a quick review on a shower seat I bought recently to help make my bath time less exhausting. Yes, I said shower seat.  Ever since my pregnancy began (with my center of gravity shifting off center), I found that standing up in a hot shower for more than 10 minutes was just too much to handle.  Even more challenging has been reaching down towards my calves to shave my legs. That's why on my last shopping trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, I told my husband a shower seat was a must! I didn't really know what to look for, just knew I needed a small seat that would fit in the shower.  … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays: Sleepy

What can I say? Our pom, Thor is just as tired as I am today....well, maybe a tad more, considering he'll sleep anywhere he can squeeze his poofy tush :)! Good night. … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know Valentine's Day is often overrated and just another Hallmark holiday to drive consumer spending, but a girl can't help but get excited...especially when her husband remembers that you can never go wrong with flowers...and sends a bouquet to her at work :)! It was a nice surprise to see them as I made my way back from lunch.  Plus, the office receptionist notified me that my husband personally delivered the flowers himself!  Too bad I missed him. Since last Valentine's day didn't quite go as planned, it made me feel quite special to be receiving them this time around. Flowers just … [Read more...]

25 Weeks Pregnant

This week in my pregnancy countdown, my baby is the size of a rutabuga (a large round yellow-fleshed root that is eaten as a vegetable) and about 13 1/2 inches long.  Baby is still working on building up some fat and looking more and more like a new born (instead of an alien? hehe). Nothing too different this week, although I have noticed that my eyebrow hairs are very sparse, I'm starting to get really overheated easily, and I'm getting more nose bleeds these days...sigh.  I guess if that's the worst of it for now, I'll take it! Also, I'm not one to pay too much attention to the scale, … [Read more...]

Summer Camp Giveaway: Catalina Island Camps

I recently heard about an amazing new giveaway from The SITS Girls and wanted to spread the word to those who know of a deserving child between the ages of 8 and 17 that would enjoy a trip to Los Angeles for a summer camp program! The overnight program, Catalina Islands Camps, is one of the country's best, located off the coast of Southern California with a private beachfront!  Activities available, range from sailing, kayaking and climbing to gardening and cooking -- to name a few. But beyond the physical activities, the camp aims to develop life long skills in a child such as a … [Read more...]

3 Easy Tips for a No-Fuss Baby Registry

When I was planning my wedding two and a half years ago, I never thought anything could be more daunting than creating a wedding registry...until I was tasked with creating a BABY registry! Wow! To sort through hundreds of baby products to find the most affordable, recommended and brand-worthy items for your new creature! Overwhelming! Searching for tips to get started online, can only lead to more frustration, as the general "advice" offered often includes a useless list of the obvious: start early, think about your needs, do research, use a checklist! Well DUH!  What us first-time mothers … [Read more...]