23 Weeks Pregnant

So I'm closing in on 23 weeks of my first pregnancy...and I can't believe that I'm more than half way through the ride!!! Now more than ever, my baby bump is noticeable.  It's a very exciting time...especially now that I'm well into my second trimester :). I am actually starting to experience the "pregnancy glow" that I often hear about (and which I never thought was possible during my first trimester)!  Gone is the morning sickness (aka "all day nausea"), exhaustion and ravenous appetite (although I definitely still need my food, I no longer get that "have-to-eat-right-this-second-or-else" … [Read more...]

Can Pets Sense Pregnancy?

I've always heard that your pets (dog in my case), can sense when you are expecting.  But how true really is this, and what signs should you look for? Most research suggests that dogs and cats do detect differences in your mood, posture, behavior, and body chemistry that clue them in to the enormous changes you're experiencing. They can become overly protective, never leaving your side and growling at everyone who merely crosses your path, including your spouse.  But not all animals exhibit the same behaviors. To dig deeper into this phenomenon, I tried to analyze the particular changes … [Read more...]