Baby Shower Weekend Part II

baby shower

Cute lollipops as shower favors!

What a great weekend! Not only did it feel like early summer weather-wise, but I was lucky enough to have a second baby shower, courtesy of my mother and sisters, for the other half of my family unable to make the first shower.  I was thrilled to finally spend some quality time with everyone and unwind with a day full of games, food and gifts.

Everyone got a chance to guess how big my belly was by simply measuring out how much tape it would take to wrap around my bump.  Of course the majority of guests over-estimated, but it was fun to see everyone take a stab at it.  Although I feel like I’m over 200 lbs, I’m glad that isn’t actually the case!

One of the other activities that my sisters had prepared was getting all the guests to use fabric markers to decorate onesies; Some of my friends and family really let their creative juices shine.

Check out the winning onesie below:



I was blown away by all the gifts we received as well — everything from crib sheets, bassinet, booster seat, monitor, play pen, diapers, bottles…the list goes on and on!  I lost count on the number of gift baskets full of baby clothes, lotions, blankets and goodies! The time and effort put into creating them really touched me.  I feel so blessed to have received so much for my little Chili pepper :)!  So much to be grateful for…can’t wait until our precious boy is finally here.

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