Must-Have Baby Items: 4 Things I Couldn’t Have Done Without & 4 Things I Wish I Had

As the day when baby number two arrives draws nearer, I’ve been giving more and more thought to all the things we still need to prepare.  Mainly just figuring out his sleeping arrangement, purchasing newborn diapers and washing hand-me-downs (I’m glad that we won’t have to worry too much about clothes because we’re lucky enough to have another Spring baby coming)!

Must-have baby items for moms

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But it also got me thinking about all those essential baby products that really helped a mom like me survive having a new baby in the house.  Not the standard things babies obviously need like a crib, changing table or diapers…but some of the more specific things you only notice once you’ve gone through the experience with baby number one.

Here are 4 things I could NOT have done without

1. Side-snapping onesies

This one is a MUST.  Newborns are so fragile and still lack any sort of head and neck control so you really want to minimize the times you have to pull a onesie over their little heads. Trust me. No matter how adorable the outfit is any experienced mama will tell you how much easier it is to dress baby with one of those side-snapping onesies.  I was fortunate enough to have received a few of these as gifts, but for those new moms shopping around, make sure to add this to the top of your list.  Note: Most hospitals will use these anyhow, so you can probably grab a few from there too!

2. Wipe warmer

I gotta say, I would have never known about this one if it weren’t for older sisters…and I’m SO glad I added it to my baby registry! Just think, when baby wakes up from a warm snug bed and has to feel a cool, damp cloth on his tush. Yeah not so comfortable! A wipe warmer helps make those night time (or just cold time) changes much more manageable. Definitely worth investing in!! Buy here!wipe warmer

3. Humidifier

Because your baby is bound to develop a stuffy nose or become congested at some point, it’s imperative for every new mom to have some type of humidifier handy…especially during the dreaded cold season. I’ve definitely put both our cool and warm-mist humidifiers to good use over the last two years.

4. Sound machine

I never really gave much thought to adding a sound machine to my must-have list, but am so glad it was recommended.  I love the simple Graco one I have that features natural sounds like that of gentle ocean waves or the whooshing sounds a newborn has heard for months in the womb.  The sound machine has made it painless to drain out little noises that can keep the little one up at night. Even to this day, it lulls my toddler to sleep!

And now, here are 4 things I WISH I had the first time around

1. aden + anais swaddling blankets

I remember hearing about these blankets and seeing them on some registries, but decided not to include them in my own registry due to the high price.  I just thought the standard soft swaddling blankets at BabiesRUs would work just as well so I opted for those. However, I now know why so many other moms went with the aden + anais brand.  For starters these muslin swaddling blankets are super soft and breathable. They are perfect for gentle and sensitive skins. They are also HUGE.  That’s a plus when you are looking to use them for things other than swaddling: nursing cover, burping cloth and stroller cover to name a few. Definitely one baby item I regret not getting the first time…but happy to have the second time!

2. Video baby monitor

Even though I did a TON of research before finalizing my must-have baby items, I thought that a standard yet good-quality audio baby monitor would cut it.  I didn’t really think those fancy and typically over-priced video monitors were necessary…until experience taught me otherwise.  Sure the audio monitors are great for letting you know when baby is up and needs you, but if you’re worried about gas, reflux or simply making sure your child is breathing okay, a video monitor is a MUST.  You’ll be able to allay your fears and come to baby’s assistance immediately if anything looks out of the ordinary.

3. Umbrella stroller

Yes, I’m sure you already have some time of stroller on your baby item list — but did you remember to include a simple umbrella stroller you can use as baby grows? Umbrella strollers are typically inexpensive and can be much easier to handle when you’re traveling. I loved my snap-n-go Chicco stroller that worked during the early months for baby, but realized that the “grow-with-baby” jeep stroller I also got was way to bulky to travel with.  Would have purchased a lite-weight umbrella stroller in retrospect.

4. Portable high chair

The first time I saw one of these chairs I was amazed how convenient and easy they made traveling with a little one. Now I’m not just talking about any portable high chair. I’m talking about the ones that can clip on and easily attach to a table or counter top so you can feed baby anytime you visit friends and family who may not have a high chair handy.  portable high chairPlus, they are much less bulky than the standard high chair crowding your kitchen.  I learned about this one a little to late, but now see moms everywhere with them.  Make sure you add one to your list if you are still shopping around!

Hope this list makes shopping around for baby items a little easier for you new moms!

What must-have baby items would you EXPERIENCED MOMS recommend?


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  1. I love aden + anais swaddling blankets! We didn’t register for them either due to the high price and wish we had. When looking for a safe blanket to keep in his crib, we finally bought one. Now he has to have his “ee” (blankie) whenever he sleeps and would carry it around all day if we’d let him.

  2. First, congrats on baby number two. :) I have everything on this list aside from the portable high chair.

    Those swaddling blankets were awesome!

  3. Umbrella strollers are a good buy, too, because you use them for years! (Congrats on the upcoming little one!)

  4. Um, I had no idea there were portable high chairs that snapped to tables/counters. I am totally going to have to invest in one of those bad boys! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yup, yup and yup. It is amazing the things that you need. I remember not understanding why you would ever need a wiper warmer until we had our daughter. Middle of the night diaper changes with a cold wipe are not a good idea.

  6. I love those little highchairs that you lock onto the table or bar…. Sooooo convenient!! what you want it to say
    It was so fun to see this linked up at our party. :)
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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