10 Halloween Movies Perfect for Little Kids

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What To Do With Pumpkins After Halloween

This time of year, I often find myself asking, Now what am I to do with all these pumpkins?!  Well luckily, pumpkins aren't just great for Halloween...in fact there are a plethora of uses for pumpkins after trick-or-treaters are long gone.  Here are 5! 1. Pumpkin recipes Okay, so the most obvious use for pumpkins after Halloween, is of course to make yummy recipes! From pumpkin pie and bread, to pumpkin-flavored pancakes and ravioli, the possibilities are endless. To make the pumpkin puree for these recipes, start by cutting your pumpkin in half and simply scoop out the seeds … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween Yoda

A little late posting, but wanted to share some photos of our little one's 2nd Halloween.  This year we had to make a last minute costume change after a wardrobe malfunction...so it was no other than baby Yoda! Although our Chili came down with a high fever and therefore couldn't venture out to experience trick-or-treating for the first time (boo!), we were able to snag a few shots of him in costume!   … [Read more...]

Semi-Homemade Baby Ninja Turtle Costume

Oh the very first Halloween photos of baby. A chance to show off your adorable bundle of joy in the cutest of costumes. How could a new mom not want to get the most adorable baby costume possible?? Such a fun and proud moment for all first-time moms! So I'm joining in the fun here, :) and posting some pictures from my little Chili's first Halloween!  We were looking for the perfect costume (aka cute-as-can-be with a special homemade touch). So of course TMNT came to mind (teenage mutant ninja turtles, that is!). They've been a part of both mommy and daddy's childhood so had to be passed … [Read more...]