10 Gift Ideas the Stressed Out Mom Will Appreciate

Motherhood isn't always as easy or idyllic as we envision it to be when we are without child. It's one of those mysteries in life and unspoken truths. Before we become parents we long for the days we can cradle an angelic sleepy newborn baby in our arms. We can't fathom how exhausted and sleep-deprived that time period will actually be. We look forward to the days of planning playdate with our mommy friends. We don't think about the incessant screaming, hitting and biting that can consume kids during those terrible twos and threes stage. We dream about the moment our whole family can … [Read more...]

Handprint Flower Picture Frame for Mom

Every mother wants to cherish those precious early memories with baby. From holding those tiny hands in her own, to marveling at the cuteness in front of her. And creating keepsakes with babies handprints or footprints is the perfect way to share those moments around the home. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, a homemade kid's picture frame warms just about anyone's heart and is a special (mostly) kid-made gift your little ones can give. Just pass along this cute picture frame tutorial to dad to help create a beautiful keepsake mom will forever … [Read more...]

Handmade Jewelry Dish for Mom

These days it seems I'm always running from one room to the next and misplacing jewelry in the process. I don't wear too much jewelry with the kids grabbing at me and all, so end up taking it off and placing it aside...usually some place I can't remember. But with Mother's Day a couple days away, I wanted to create something simple enough for my toddler to help with, but special enough to work as a keepsake for mommy and grandmas. (This is a perfect gift to give mom on any holiday, actually!) Related: DIY Baby Soft Sugar Scrub for Mother's Day After getting some inspiration from this … [Read more...]

How a Mother’s Touch Means So Much More to Baby

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson’s® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my 100% my own. Did you know that every loving interaction with mom or dad can help baby's developing brain? From a gentle touch to a pleasant smell, everyday rituals and interactions children experience create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. Studies have shown that by age three, 85% of a baby's brain is developed. That's why it's so important to begin stimulating baby's senses from the moment of birth. A mother's touch especially can do wonders for her … [Read more...]

The Moment You Realize You’re Going to Be a Mom #Clearblue

Excited. Joyful. Thankful. Blessed. Anxious. Nervous. Disbelief. Shocked. These are a few words real moms used to describe that very moment they found out they were expecting...with the realization that a new life was forming inside their very body and the whole world as they knew it was about to change.I can still recall the first moment it happened to ME. The scene plays over and over in my head. It was late in the evening. I had a hunch and decided it was the moment of truth. My husband lay on the bed surfing the internet as I nervously made my way to the bathroom not telling him that I … [Read more...]

DIY Sugar Scrub for Berry Soft Baby Skin

I've been in need of a great body scrub after the long harsh winter that has managed to leave my skin overly dry and flakey. My hands, knees, and feet have all suffered and are in need of an easy treatment to attain that smooth, supple baby soft skin as the warmer weather approaches. And of course in a house surrounded by baby products, the first thing that came to mind was baby oil! I figured I could start with that to get smooth skin and the add a couple of other ingredients for a fun homemade sugar scrub. But I didn't just want to do any sugar scrub, I was looking to add some natural … [Read more...]