DIY Party Blower Craft for Kids

With the new year being just around the corner, I've been looking for fun, festive crafts and activities for toddlers. Because I know the kids won't get to bed on time (and thus let mommy and daddy ring in the new year), unless there are some super creative activities to help them celebrate and burn off energy. What better way to release that energy than to let the party animal in them out for some fun! I started working on a quick DIY party blower idea and then adapted it to a party animal craft I found from Kix to complete my DIY New Year's craft. Materials Paper … [Read more...]

Paper Plate Goat Craft for the New Year

We love following the Chinese New Year calendar to learn all about the animal of the year and what that animal symbolizes. It's just so interesting to learn about what to expect in the coming year and also a fun way to get the kids involved.  With 2015 being the year of the goat (or sheep/ram), what better way to celebrate with small kids than by creating a fun goat-themed craft?! 2015 is said to be a year of favorable changes compared to the past -- so expect good things to come! And because my 2.5 year old loves all-things animals, we decided to create a paper plate goat to ring in the … [Read more...]