Patriotic Red, White & Blue Jello Snack for Kids

It's that time of the year. Summer is here. Kids are out of school. Weekends are filling up quick, especially with fireworks in the air and the fourth of July approaching. We love enjoying all the cute holiday-themed snacks and desserts at all those summer parties. And of course the little ones can't get enough of those sugary desserts we only let them indulge in once in awhile.  But if you're a busy mom hosting a party too, you'll appreciate any quick and easy holiday snack ideas for the kiddos. You know, the ones that are still festive but only take a fraction of the time to put … [Read more...]

Handprint Flower Picture Frame for Mom

Every mother wants to cherish those precious early memories with baby. From holding those tiny hands in her own, to marveling at the cuteness in front of her. And creating keepsakes with babies handprints or footprints is the perfect way to share those moments around the home. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, a homemade kid's picture frame warms just about anyone's heart and is a special (mostly) kid-made gift your little ones can give. Just pass along this cute picture frame tutorial to dad to help create a beautiful keepsake mom will forever … [Read more...]

Lucky Charms Jell-O Snack: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treat for Kids

Like most kids, my little ones are always begging for a tasty snack to satisfy their sweet tooth in the afternoon. While I don't like to give in to their every whim and craving, I do let them indulge in a tasty treat for special occasions like St. Patty's day. Last year they devoured my Shamrock Pretzel Pops - which were a HUGE hit! So this holiday, I figure I can continue the trend with a super easy green Jell-O treat. Because I'm a busy mom (and not to mention 8 and half months pregnant) fast and easy snacks are a top choice! I decided I would simply dress up a Jell-O cup with one … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Heart Frame: Easy Valentine’s Craft for Kids

My toddler loves any craft involving paints. And I love his enthusiasm for "hanpaint" as he calls it :)! Of course with painting and little ones things are bound to get messy...but these moments won't last forever. I have to indulge him whenever I can. This fingerprint heart frame is the perfect way to let little ones play with paint while creating their own Valentine's craft! This post contains affiliate links. Related: Handprint Valentine & Printable Kid-made Fingerprint Frame Instructions For this kid's craft, you will only need two ingredients: washable paints and a picture frame. … [Read more...]

Handprint Valentine + Printable: “I Hand You My Heart”

I love, love making Valentine’s Crafts with my kids. From love bugs and cupid arrows to lollipops and love potions — there’s just something so exciting about creating love-themed crafts with little ones. But I’d be lying if I said it is always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be down right stressful when trying to create a beautiful craft without your toddler tearing it apart before completion. That’s one of the reasons why I love simple handprint crafts -- the easier the craft, the better. So this time, I thought it would be fitting to do a handprint craft and printable kids can give to … [Read more...]

Flower Lollipops for Valentine’s Day

When you're short on time and in need of an easy DIY Valentines for the kids class party, there's nothing better than these homemade flower lollipops. Just grab a few supplies from your arts and crafts box and they'll be good to go in no time! I know Valentine's Day is still over a month away, but the day will be here before we know it. Sure you can always run to the store and pick up some ready-to-go Valentines, but it's so much more fun and personable to create your own at home with the kids. I saw the prettiest heart-shaped pops from Pottery Barn and knew we had to create our … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Popcorn: Melt Your Heart Sweet & Salty Snack Recipe

You love sweet. He loves salty. If only there were an easy Valentine's snack recipe to please you both... Oh wait there is ;)! It's called a delicious Melt Your Heart Valentine's Popcorn recipe that combines both sweet and salty flavors for a romantically delicious treat you can both enjoy while you snuggle up to view your favorite movie. Of course kids will LOVE this too! Just be sure they don't hog the whole bowl :). This post may contain affiliate links. Valentine's Day Popcorn Recipe To make this easy snack you'll need 3 ingredients only: Freshly popped … [Read more...]

Delicious Holiday Mocktail & Smoothie Drink for Pregnant Moms

What do you do when you're pregnant and mingling with friends and family at the latest holiday party, admiring all the festive holiday cocktails adorned with candy canes and red, white and green liqueur? You raise a glass and toast with your holiday mocktail (alcohol-free), that's what you do! Trust me, I know the feeling. I've been pregnant during the holidays 3 times so knew I had to find a way to safely join in the fun. So today, I'm bringing you a delicious recipe for a smoothie mocktail that will leave you feeling energized and ready to celebrate with bells on! This … [Read more...]

Charlie Brown Christmas: 24 Crafts, Recipes & Activities for Kids

Calling all fans of Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the entire Peanuts gang! If you can't get enough of your favorite childhood characters, you'll be excited to see all these yummy snacks and fun crafts inspired by the TV series just in time for Christmas! We've scoured the web to find everything from cookies and cupcakes to DIY ornaments and craft ideas to make with your kids for your next holiday party or Peanuts viewing party! Click on the links below for further info. Charlie Brown Christmas Crafts The kids will be super excited to create homemade Charlie Brown or Snoopy crafts using … [Read more...]

Easy Charlie Brown Suncatcher Ornaments

With Christmas just a few weeks away, Charlie Brown always comes to mind in the timeless classic A Charlie Brown Christmas. Families everywhere gather to watch this movie based on the Peanuts comic strip, which has such a great message about the true meaning of Christmas. It's family-favorite for sure! We've been watching Charlie Brown and the gang throughout the holiday season and were inspired to make this easy Charlie Brown Suncatcher Ornament for Christmas. It is a quick and easy way for kids to practice fine-mother skills and color identification (focusing on one color at a … [Read more...]