Fish School Printable Valentine Card

Looking for a cute, last-minute Valentine card for the kids to handout? Today I'm sharing a super cute fish Valentine perfect for those last-minute class exchanges...just in case the winter weather had you trapped indoors all weekend or if the closest store is actually sold out, like in our case! It's funny how I've seen Valentines cards and goodies all over the place for months, but of course the day before Valentine's day, when you actually decide to pick up a few things, there's nothing in sight. That's when the DIY and printable Valentine ideas come in super handy. With my … [Read more...]

30+ Adorable Printable Valentines for Kids

If you have a school-age child, you know how much fun it is for them to exchange Valentines cards with classmates. It's a great excuse to get crafty with kids when you make them your own too! Last year was our first go at it with my preschooler, where we decided to try our DIY version with flower lollipops -- a sweet treat indeed. They were so much fun to make especially as a last-minute Valentine idea. This year, with Valentine's Day around the corner, I decided to share some of my favorite Valentines ideas you can make at home. All you need is a printer and some quality paper -- adding … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Valentine – Free Printable

If your kids loved the Finding Nemo & Finding Dory movies, this adorable printable Dory Valentine is the perfect way to help them celebrate Valentine's Day with friends or classmates. This post may contain affiliate links. I'm always on the hunt for the easiest (but cutest) ways to celebrate holidays with my kids. They are still very young, so I know easier is always the best choice for us, especially when it comes to crafts or activities we do together. Valentine's day is no exception. Our heart crafts, bug crafts and love potion activities tend to be fun but simple too - it's what … [Read more...]

18+ Fun Valentine’s Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

The start of the new year is the perfect time to spread love with your children as Valentine's day draws nearer. For parents of toddlers and preschoolers, spending time creating Valentine's crafts and activities is the perfect way to introduce the holidays at home. At the 2-4 year old range, little kids love working with paint, glue, scissors and paper -- all the easy to find and readily available supplies. So focusing on arts and crafts that use those materials is best and provides tons of fun without getting too messy. The result will be a fun playful experience for your toddler AND a … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Heart Frame: Easy Valentine’s Craft for Kids

My toddler loves any craft involving paints. And I love his enthusiasm for "hanpaint" as he calls it :)! Of course with painting and little ones things are bound to get messy...but these moments won't last forever. I have to indulge him whenever I can. This fingerprint heart frame is the perfect way to let little ones play with paint while creating their own Valentine's craft! This post contains affiliate links. Related: Handprint Valentine & Printable Kid-made Fingerprint Frame Instructions For this kid's craft, you will only need two ingredients: washable paints and a picture frame. … [Read more...]

Handprint Valentine + Printable: “I Hand You My Heart”

I love, love making Valentine’s Crafts with my kids. From love bugs and cupid arrows to lollipops and love potions — there’s just something so exciting about creating love-themed crafts with little ones. But I’d be lying if I said it is always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be down right stressful when trying to create a beautiful craft without your toddler tearing it apart before completion. That’s one of the reasons why I love simple handprint crafts -- the easier the craft, the better. So this time, I thought it would be fitting to do a handprint craft and printable kids can give to … [Read more...]

Flower Lollipops for Valentine’s Day

When you're short on time and in need of an easy DIY Valentines for the kids class party, there's nothing better than these homemade flower lollipops. Just grab a few supplies from your arts and crafts box and they'll be good to go in no time! I know Valentine's Day is still over a month away, but the day will be here before we know it. Sure you can always run to the store and pick up some ready-to-go Valentines, but it's so much more fun and personable to create your own at home with the kids. I saw the prettiest heart-shaped pops from Pottery Barn and knew we had to create our … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Popcorn: Melt Your Heart Sweet & Salty Snack Recipe

You love sweet. He loves salty. If only there were an easy Valentine's snack recipe to please you both... Oh wait there is ;)! It's called a delicious Melt Your Heart Valentine's Popcorn recipe that combines both sweet and salty flavors for a romantically delicious treat you can both enjoy while you snuggle up to view your favorite movie. Of course kids will LOVE this too! Just be sure they don't hog the whole bowl :). This post may contain affiliate links. Valentine's Day Popcorn Recipe To make this easy snack you'll need 3 ingredients only: Freshly popped … [Read more...]

14 Cupid-Inspired Crafts & Goodies for Valentine’s Day

Feeling like you've been struck by Cupid's arrow? You're in luck! Today I'm bringing you all-things Cupid to help celebrate Valentine's Day. So if you're looking for a little inspiration as you prepare to spend time with those you love, I've got you covered from bow and arrow crafts to homemade treats your little ones will love! Cupid Bow & Arrow Crafts 1. Paper Straw Arrows of Love 2. Cupid's Arrow Pencil Toppers 3. Cupid's Quiver & Arrow Craft 4.  Cupid's Arrows & Quiver 5. DIY Cupid's Bow & Arrows  Cupid-themed Valentines 6. Cupid's Heart Glow Stick Valentine … [Read more...]

Eye Heart You: Easy Homemade Valentine

February is here and the countdown to Valentine's Day has officially begun! While there are many pre-made candy Valentine's you can find at the stores, it's always more heart-felt to spend the time with your little ones to create something from basic materials in your craft box. So if you're looking for an easy homemade Valentine, look no further. Help the kids say "I Love You" with this fun craft. Materials Card stock Googly eye Glitter Glue To make this easy Valentine, all you need to do is cut out a rectangle and heart-shape from card stock. I used a royal blue color for … [Read more...]