How Positive Reinforcement Has the Power to Change Bad Behavior

Sometimes in the midst of the parenting chaos, we overreact to our child’s bad behavior in order to prevent it from happening again. But then, we don’t make as big a deal about very small, yet positive behaviors kids engage it. And it sends a message to our kids. Stop for a minute to think about how you interacted with your kid today. How many times did you notice they did something wrong? Did you say anything to them afterwards? Yell perhaps? Is your child engaging in this behavior repeatedly? Do you find yourself saying the same thing over and over again? I sure have. Omg, … [Read more...]

The Safer Way to Keep Baby Warm in a Car Seat

Let me be the first to acknowledge the truth: I'm just as guilty as anyone else. It happens almost every day as I load the kids into the car, to and from school. It's cold outdoors. Bitterly cold. Temperatures are in the low 40's. The wind has picked up and I just want to keep my kids know, like any parent would while outdoors to prevent those little hands and faces from freezing. So I do what most parents with good intentions would, and help my children zip up their coats as we make our way to the car. Once there, I loosen the seat belt and help them get comfy in their … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Lunch Box Essentials for Your Preschooler

There's nothing worse than the worrisome feeling that strikes after you've dropped your kid off at school only to realize you forgot to pack something in their bag. Whether it's that required icepack to keep lunch cold or a plastic spoon so they can actually eat the soup you took all morning to prepare. Making sure you have all those little back-to-school essentials ready to go for your preschooler can make all the difference. We've definitely had a few mishaps in the past. Nothing major. Just little things here and there that we forgot to pack or didn't account for until we saw a … [Read more...]

7 Easy & Genius Ways to Keep Baby Cool at the Beach

It's 90 degrees outdoors in the middle of July. The sweltering heat is too much to bear. The kids are fussing. Jumping off the walls. Simply stir-crazy indoors. You're drowning in baby's incessant cries, begging mommy to feed him once again. You just want to pack up the cooler and load everyone in the car to make your way to the beach.  But then you remember you have an infant to look after under 6 months that can't exactly be in the sun all day like his brothers. What is any sane mama to do? Well I definitely experienced a few rounds of new baby in the … [Read more...]

How to Make Potty Training Stress-free

This post was sponsored by PAMPERS® EASY UPS, however all the opinions expressed are my own. The signs were all there. Wanting to sit on the potty. Tugging at his diaper while saying the words "pee pee" and actually going pee pee while on the potty! That's when I knew it was finally time to potty-train our recently turned 2 year-old boy. It's an often-dreaded journey that many parents want to avoid...and I don't blame them...especially with everything we went through while potty training our eldest son. But going through that experience helped us learn a thing or two when it comes to potty … [Read more...]

How to Keep Toddlers Entertained in Public (Without a Phone!)

Toddlers. They're miniature people with ginormous attitudes sometimes. The problem is, occasionally you find yourself out in public with them; exposed to the elements and all the other mommies out there. We've all been at the store and witnessed tiny people languishing on the tile floor or demanding candy bars from the checkout upon pain of death (or just motherly embarrassment). We've even been some of those mothers who's little angels have just.had.enough. I once left a completely full grocery cart in the middle of the aisle when my 2 year old was losing it.  Yes, even frozen food. That … [Read more...]

4 Easy Steps for Introducing Your Child to the Pool

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received products to facilitate my review. As a child, summer was the best time of the year with endless fun to be had. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, kids chasing ice cream trucks down the road, weekly trips to the beach and little ones of all ages splashing about in the kiddie pool. Fond memories indeed! It was also a time many kids learned how to swim and got to enjoy many of the perks that come with being an avid swimmer. But unfortunately, I was NOT one of those kids who … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Manage Your Time Better With a New Baby

When my first child was born, I didn't have time for anything. Literally. My days were consumed with breastfeeding, washing and folding onesies...and diaper change after diaper change. So finding time for the basic care regimen (like showering and eating meals) was a luxury. And forget about finding room for "me time." That never occurred. If I wanted to do anything, it seemed as though I needed to wait until nap time arrived. Then of course, I could get things done while baby rested.  But this was my first mistake: Waiting for the perfect time. Because what I found was that there was … [Read more...]

Top Reasons You Need a Baby Carrier with Your Second Child

As a first-time mom you're bombarded with must-have baby products...many of which you never really end up using. When it's just mama and baby, while tough, life is certainly more manageable than when you have a toddler to chase after on top of caring for your infant. Related: Raising a Toddler While Pregnant But as a second-time mom some baby products REALLY do make a huge difference. One of those products? A baby carrier or wrap. There will come a period when you have to balance your time between two kids - for making meals, soothing a cranky baby or attending to your toddler. … [Read more...]

Surviving Cold & Flu Season with Toddlers

I have been compensated by Pedialyte for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. It’s one thing to be sick in bed with the flu virus...but it’s a whole other story to be fighting the flu at 7.5 months pregnant while your two little boys are also exhibiting those telltale flu symptoms at the same time. But that’s exactly the predicament we found ourselves in last month. Running to and from the bathroom day and night. Cleaning up all sorts of messes around the house and trying to get the kids to stay hydrated. Because a mother’s biggest concern is making … [Read more...]