16 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives {Free Printable}

checklist for baby's arrival

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Huggies Little Snugglers and Latina Bloggers Connect. I remember when I was first pregnant and planning out all the things we needed to do in preparation for the arrival of our first bundle of joy. I knew I had to stock up on essential items like baby clothes, diapers, bottles etc. As a new mom, I was focusing on all the specific items baby needed...unfortunately I never really gave much thought to all those things I needed to do while I had the extra time! Because fast-forward two years later: I am a mom to a two year-old toddler and … [Read more...]

3 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Pregnancy

pregnancy pains

When you're newly pregnant or just thinking about conceiving, a flood of what you can expect comes to mind. You know what I'm talking about.  The nausea, the cravings, the urge to pee periodically in the middle of the night.  Standard pregnancy "symptoms" that you try to prepare yourself for. But some things may never reach your ears, until you experience them first-hand.  Maybe because they don't always occur to EVERY pregnant woman, or maybe they just seem to slip under the radar. And maybe knowing them wouldn't have made things any easier, but I personally would have at least been able … [Read more...]

Must-Have Baby Items: 4 Things I Couldn’t Have Done Without & 4 Things I Wish I Had

Must-have baby items for moms

As the day when baby number two arrives draws nearer, I've been giving more and more thought to all the things we still need to prepare.  Mainly just figuring out his sleeping arrangement, purchasing newborn diapers and re-washing clothes -- I'm glad that we won't have to worry too  much about clothes because we're lucky enough to have another Spring baby coming! But it also got me thinking about all those essential baby products that really helped a mom like me survive having a new baby in the house.  Not the standard things babies obviously need like a crib, changing table or … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Toddler for the New Baby

introducing a new baby

It's the final countdown here...in a couple weeks we welcome our second little bundle of joy!  Although I've been in full "nesting" mode prepping old baby clothes and gear for re-use, feels like there's still a bit to do...especially in terms of preparing our almost 2 year-old toddler to be a big brother! I am a bit scared to see that first reaction. When our guy sees mommy holding another baby...and then sees it happening all the time! I know he won't be happy at first and it will probably take a bit of getting used to, so I've been looking for ways to make the introduction a little … [Read more...]

Raising a Toddler While Pregnant: How to Get Through It

pregnant with toddler

Never did I ever really consider how challenging it would be caring for a toddler while carrying another baby in my womb. When I found out I was expecting again, I knew two kids would be more work than one.  What I didn't realize was from that moment on, I was met with the extra challenge of splitting time between feeding/changing/carrying/disciplining/playing with a very demanding toddler while attempting to care for the new life forming inside my body. Why so challenging you might ask? Here are a handful of reasons and things you have to tackle simultaneously: coping with morning … [Read more...]

The One Food Prep Secret I Wish I Knew Before My First Baby Arrived

food prep secret

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Cheese and crackers. Cereal. That's pretty much what my meals consisted of the first time I arrived home with a newborn. Although I was lucky enough to have my mom in town for two weeks to cook and clean prior to that, once she had to go and the hubby was working all day, I needed to figure out a way to nourish myself (quickly!) so I could return to baby duties or (ahem) nap time!  So these "meals" were all I had to resort to. But I wish I had known about an ingenious food prep secret that would have made my life much easier (not to mention … [Read more...]

8 Pregnancy-Safe Products Every Expectant Mother Needs

8 pregnancy-safe products

If you're newly pregnant and asking yourself whether there are any products or toiletries in your everyday beauty regimen to avoid, the answer is a resounding YES. Well, at least in the first trimester. But if you search online or ask the experts, you will find an overwhelming amount of differing opinions on this topic.  Some look at their own parents or family members with kids and say that all turned out fine despite the use of every product out there. Others point to new research that links various household chemicals and products to birth defects, and stress the importance of going … [Read more...]

DHA & Helping Baby Develop a Healthy Brain

BrainStrong Prenatal

As an expectant mother, one of the most important ways to care for yourself and unborn baby is to simply eat healthy.  Most people know this means eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, avoiding raw or undercooked meats and going the organic route when possible.  But few really give much thought to the prenatal vitamins needed to supplement mommy's diet...before, during and after pregnancy.  And yes, taking a supplement before pregnancy officially begins is just as important because a baby's neural tube development which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops during the first … [Read more...]

8 Week Progress Report


So I've officially reached the 8-week postpartum mark in my birth recovery.  It's a bit of a milestone for a number of reasons.  For starters, it's the time I can resume a number of activities, including exercising lightly -- something I'm thrilled to hear! I've been incredibly eager to shed some fat off of my belly and thighs -- an issue I've never really had to worry about too much in my life until pregnancy happened (thankfully!).  But, I just haven't had the time to get into it...that with caring for a newborn and all.  I barely have time to blog these days.  I'm trying to start working … [Read more...]

Baby Chili Is Here! — My Labor and Delivery Story


Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging…to finally welcome into the world my baby boy “Chili!  So many emotions have filled my heart upon meeting this amazingly angelic creature – beginning with immense love.  I never imagined how much I could love someone until I met him.  He is truly a blessing in my life and I can’t believe that it all happened so fast. My Labor and Delivery Story It was about 1 am Friday night, when after just falling asleep, I felt a gush of water down my legs – yeah not quite what I expected considering the statistic cited by experts … [Read more...]