Must-Have Baby Items: 4 Things I Couldn’t Have Done Without & 4 Things I Wish I Had

As the day when baby number two arrives draws nearer, I’ve been giving more and more thought to all the things we still need to prepare.  Mainly just figuring out his sleeping arrangement, purchasing newborn diapers and re-washing clothes…because we’re lucky enough to have another Spring baby coming!

Must-have baby items for momsBut it also got me thinking about all those essential baby products that really helped a mom like me survive having a new baby in the house.  Not the standard things babies obviously need like a crib, changing table or diapers…but some of the more specific things you only notice once you’ve gone through the experience with baby number one.

Here are 4 things I could NOT have done without

1. Side-snapping onesies

This one is a MUST.  Newborns are so fragile and still lack any sort of head and neck control so you really want to minimize the times you have to pull a onesie over their little heads. Trust me. No matter how adorable the outfit is any experienced mama will tell you how much easier it is to dress baby with one of those side-snapping onesies.  I was fortunate enough to have received a few of these as gifts, but for those new moms shopping around, make sure to add this to the top of your list.  Note: Most hospitals will use these anyhow, so you can probably grab a few from there too!

2. Wipe warmer

I gotta say, I would have never known about this one if it weren’t for older sisters…and I’m SO glad I added it to my baby registry! Just think, when baby wakes up from a warm snug bed and has to feel a cool, damp cloth on his tush. Yeah not so comfortable! A wipe warmer helps make those night time (or just cold time) changes much more manageable. Definitely worth investing in!!wipe warmer

3. Humidifier

Because your baby is bound to develop a stuffy nose or become congested at some point, it’s imperative for every new mom to have some type of humidifier handy…especially during the dreaded cold season. I’ve definitely put both our cool and warm-mist humidifiers to good use over the last two years.

4. Sound machine

I never really gave much thought to adding a sound machine to my must-have list, but am so glad it was recommended.  I love the simple Graco one I have that features natural sounds like that of gentle ocean waves or the whooshing sounds a newborn has heard for months in the womb.  The sound machine has made it painless to drain out little noises that can keep the little one up at night. Even to this day, it lulls my toddler to sleep!

And now, here are 4 things I WISH I had the first time around

1. aden + anais swaddling blankets

I remember hearing about these blankets and seeing them on some registries, but decided not to include them in my own registry due to the high price.  I just thought the standard soft swaddling blankets at BabiesRUs would work just as well so I opted for those. However, I now know why so many other moms went with the aden + anais brand.  For starters these muslin swaddling blankets are super soft and breathable. They are perfect for gentle and sensitive skins. They are also HUGE.  That’s a plus when you are looking to use them for things other than swaddling: nursing cover, burping cloth and stroller cover to name a few. Definitely one baby item I regret not getting the first time…but happy to have the second time!

2. Video baby monitor

Even though I did a TON of research before finalizing my must-have baby items, I thought that a standard yet good-quality audio baby monitor would cut it.  I didn’t really think those fancy and typically over-priced video monitors were necessary…until experience taught me otherwise.  Sure the audio monitors are great for letting you know when baby is up and needs you, but if you’re worried about gas, reflux or simply making sure your child is breathing okay, a video monitor is a MUST.  You’ll be able to allay your fears and come to baby’s assistance immediately if anything looks out of the ordinary.

3. Umbrella stroller

Yes, I’m sure you already have some time of stroller on your baby item list — but did you remember to include a simple umbrella stroller you can use as baby grows? Umbrella strollers are typically inexpensive and can be much easier to handle when you’re traveling. I loved my snap-n-go Chicco stroller that worked during the early months for baby, but realized that the “grow-with-baby” jeep stroller I also got was way to bulky to travel with.  Would have purchased a lite-weight umbrella stroller in retrospect.

4. Portable high chair

The first time I saw one of these chairs I was amazed how convenient and easy they made traveling with a little one. Now I’m not just talking about any portable high chair. I’m talking about the ones that can clip on and easily attach to a table or counter top so you can feed baby anytime you visit friends and family who may not have a high chair handy.  portable high chairPlus, they are much less bulky than the standard high chair crowding your kitchen.  I learned about this one a little to late, but now see moms everywhere with them.  Make sure you add one to your list if you are still shopping around!

Hope this list makes shopping around for baby items a little easier for you new moms!

What must-have baby items would you EXPERIENCED MOMS recommend?

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Preparing Your Toddler for the New Baby

It’s the final countdown here…in a couple weeks we welcome our second little bundle of joy!  Although I’ve been in full “nesting” mode prepping old baby clothes and gear for re-use, feels like there’s still a bit to do…especially in terms of preparing our almost 2 year-old toddler to be a big brother!

introducing a new babyI am a bit scared to see that first reaction. When our guy sees mommy holding another baby…and then sees it happening all the time! I know he won’t be happy at first and it will probably take a bit of getting used to, so I’ve been looking for ways to make the introduction a little easier.

Although it’s still a work-in-progress for us (and may be tough for young toddlers to truly understand the concept of a new baby)…below are a few tips that have helped make the transition a little less traumatic.

1. Practicing with a Baby Doll

One of the MAIN things we wanted to teach our toddler about babies (especially newborns) was the need to be nice and gentle. As any boy would, ours likes to rough-house and doesn’t always play nice.  So we knew having a baby doll to practice on would at least get us moving in the right direction.

baby dollI used a Cabbage Patch baby boy to help our little guy practice being gentle.  Of course, at first he would throw the doll across the room and smack it every now and then.  But he gradually began to gently cradle the baby and give it kisses! I thought it was so precious and hope he will continue to practice this type of behavior for when the real baby arrives!

2. Talking about Mommy’s Belly

Once my belly really popped, I started to let our toddler carefully examine and feel around.  I told him that there was a “baby growing” inside mommy and tried to reinforce that idea by showing pictures of babies.  He would pat my belly each day it grew and eventually started to kiss it goodnight!

Although I’m sure he still doesn’t know a baby is coming out, he clearly can see the big belly growing before his eyes. Talking to him about what was going on and letting him be a part of the process really helped to set the tone.

3. Reading Intro to Baby Books

This is one of the easiest things you can try to help prepare your kid for a new sibling.  Toddlers love reading/being read to, so it’s a no-brainer to grab an intro to baby book.

For some reason, our toddler was fascinated by all my pregnancy prep books around the house (whoops!) and started to really enjoy seeing the pictures of babies in bellies.  That’s when I realized I had to get him a fun and age-appropriate illustrated book to read. One of my favorites was the Hello Baby! book by Lizzie Rockwell. I love the cute little story line, colorful pages and images of the baby growing in the womb.

Hello Baby Book

4. Giving a Gift from the Baby

Whether it’s a teddy bear or one of your child’s favorite farm animals, having a gift ready to give your toddler as if it were from the new baby is so important. It’s natural for your toddler to start feeling a little jealous when he sees a bunch of new stuff in the house that he’s not allowed to touch.  So a special gift(s) wrapped up for his new role as “big brother” may help him adjust a tad better.

farm animal gift

I plan on keeping the gift at the hospital to give right when our guy comes to visit. That way he can better make the connection that he has a special role to play in the new baby’s life!

What tips have helped you prepare a toddler for a new baby in the house!

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Raising a Toddler While Pregnant: How to Get Through It

Never did I ever really consider how challenging it would be caring for a toddler while carrying another baby in my womb. When I found out I was expecting again, I knew two kids would be more work than one.  What I didn’t realize was from that moment on, I was met with the extra challenge of splitting time between feeding/changing/carrying/disciplining/playing with a very demanding toddler while attempting to care for the new life forming inside my body.

pregnant with toddler

Why so challenging you might ask?

Here are a handful of reasons and things you have to tackle simultaneously:

  • coping with morning sickness that goes beyond the first trimester
  • fighting the exhaustion from your toddlers 6/7 am wake up call or midday urge to roughhouse with you and your growing belly
  • finding time to eat a nutritional meal while preparing food for your picky eater
  • managing to cook yourself a meal while keeping your toddler from eating dog food, climbing into the fridge and breaking through the baby-proofed areas of your home
  • spending an hour wrestling with a toddler just to change a diaper and get ready for  bed

And I know raising twins or multiples must be an immense challenge in itself for new mothers to face, but at least with two babies (minus the big belly) you can tackle things a bit more fluidly without having to worry about your own body too much. Plus, it’s a bonus for baby to have a 24/7 buddy to play with when needed!

What I don’t think many people truly understand is how equally challenging it is to have toddler in the midst of the terrible-twos while you try all you can to protect and nourish your own body and unborn child. Let me just say it’s HARD. Realizing this, I wanted to put together a few tips for other moms going through the thick of things.  Tips to let them know they can get through it all…with support.  

Let go of expectations Forget about having an immaculate home…at least for now. You are totally within your right to slack off a bit and you shouldn’t feel guilty. With so much going on in your life keeping a perfectly clean house isn’t always possible if you are doing it alone. If you are hell-bent on getting that clean home appearance however, check out my easy tips for tidying up.

Prep for the morning at night I wish I had taken this piece of advice earlier in my pregnancy – makes perfect sense and would have helped immensely!  If you find yourself in the same predicament every morning (aka no time to make food for yourself while watching the little one) prepare something in advance which you can easily heat up in the morning. Whether it’s just pre-slicing fruit or boiling an egg at least you can have some type of nutrient-rich food waiting for you when you need it most.

Find support This is probably the most important piece of advice. You have to be willing to take help that is offered and ASK for it when needed. Otherwise your task may seem even more insurmountable. Even if it’s just an hour to nap or grab a quick bite to eat, making time for yourself is crucial to getting that second-wind and energy to face the everyday challenges you have before you.

Hang in there!

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The One Food Prep Secret I Wish I Knew Before My First Baby Arrived

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Cheese and crackers. Cereal.

That’s pretty much what my meals consisted of the first time I arrived home with a newborn.

Although I was lucky enough to have my mom in town for two weeks to cook and clean prior to that, once she had to go and the hubby was working all day, I needed to figure out a way to nourish myself (quickly!) so I could return to baby duties or (ahem) nap time!  So these “meals” were all I had to resort to.

food prep secret after baby arrives

But I wish I had known about an ingenious food prep secret that would have made my life much easier (not to mention healthier considering I was a nursing mother with multiple nutritional needs).

That secret? Preparing meals in ADVANCE and FREEZING them!! Sounds so simple, but NEVER crossed my mind before…until I stumbled on a few blogs that had amazing meal planning ideas for those first few weeks when you don’t have time to cook for yourself.  Seriously this is a HUGE time saver!

One thing to note about freezing meals however, is to clearly label each container with food and date so you can easily identify each. You’ll be on little-to-no sleep when grabbing them from the fridge, so best to make things easier for yourself.  I’d also recommend that you take your time when preparing these meals as to not overwhelm yourself — usually cooking one extra meal a week to freeze works well.

I’ve rounded up some favorite meals from around the web for expectant moms to consider; these are made fresh, and can then be frozen and easily prepared on the stove or oven once dinner time comes!

Chicken Enchiladas


Saucy Chicken Broccoli

saucy chicken broccoli

Black Bean Burgers



Three-Cheese Spaghetti


Sausage and Sorrel Quiche


How did you handle meal time post-pregnancy?  Any favorite recipes to share?

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8 Pregnancy-Safe Products Every Expectant Mother Needs

If you’re newly pregnant and asking yourself whether there are any products or toiletries in your everyday beauty regimen to avoid, the answer is a resounding YES. Well, at least in the first trimester.

But if you search online or ask the experts, you will find an overwhelming amount of differing opinions on this topic.  Some look at their own parents or family members with kids and say that all turned out fine despite the use of every product out there. Others point to new research that links various household chemicals and products to birth defects, and stress the importance of going organic or avoiding each and every product in question.

My opinion on the matter?  I simply say why not meet somewhere in the middle and (while not limiting yourself completely), do all you can to prevent your unborn child from having any major issues…especially during the first trimester when baby’s organs are starting to develop and are the most vulnerable.

Here are my picks for pregnancy-proofing your beauty routine:

8 pregnancy-safe products

1. Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste

Didn’t think your toothpaste mattered? Well look a bit closer.  Toothpastes often contain whitening chemicals — strong chemicals that are potentially harmful to your baby that can even cause you teeth and gum sensitivity (something pregnant women often already suffer from).  Therefore when choosing a toothpaste, you really want to stick to the basics here and choose a paste free of any dental bleaching or whitening agents.  I like a really great, yet simple toothpaste brand like Colgate — the type with just the basic cavity protection.

2. Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

Most people don’t know it but the majority of deodorants and antiperspirants out there contain aluminum zirconium — a very dangerous chemical for pregnant and nursing mothers.  The chemical which can pass through the mother’s skin upon application, has been linked to a number of issues in fetuses. Pretty scary!

Despite knowing that strong perfumes should be avoided, I actually wasn’t aware of this one myself until an older sister pointed it out.  Phew!  

Luckily, one brand that is aluminum-free is Tom’s of Maine — you can go with the unscented kind or a lightly fresh scent that gets the job done just as well as any other brand.

3. Neutrogena Naturals

This is a big one.  Most beauty products (and cleansers especially), contain a handful of severe chemicals that need to be avoided during pregnancy.  You may have heard of the culprits: sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates etc.  These are chemicals that have been linked to some issues in fetuses and should therefore be used with caution.

Armed with such knowledge, I try to avoid these harmful agents all together and look for a pregnancy-proof face cleanser like Neutrogena Naturals.  This cleanser is not only free of harsh chemicals but it also leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.  You can read my full review of this Neutrogena cleanser here!

4. Aquaphor

Aquaphor is just one of those products you will fall in love with!  I did when I came to rely on it as my daily lip treatment during pregnancy #1.  Why is that?  One of the many issues that expectant mothers often experience is dry skin — especially chapped, cracked or even bleeding lips!  Aquaphor works to repair that irritated skin with enriched shea butter, soothing chamomile and Vitamins C and E.  It is also fragrance-free, preservative-free, and dye free!

5. Aveeno Moisturizer

Aveeno has always been one of my moisturizers of choice even before pregnancy. For starters, it contains natural ingredients and is both hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic — something a breakout-prone individual looks for.  However, and more importantly, it is free of the dangerous chemicals in many skin treatments.  Chemicals like salycylic acids and retinoids that have been closely linked to birth defects. Pregnancy is definitely not the time to use the harshest of chemicals.

6. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Besides the obvious fact that cocoa butter works wonders for dry skin, I love the advanced formula equipped with bio c-elaste that is especially made to treat and prevent stretch marks!  And yes, we all know stretch marks can be genetic, but why not try to prevent any new ones from forming if you can?  Palmer’s is dermatologist tested and both paraben and phylate – free!

I used this lotion religiously on my growing belly during the first pregnancy and it definitely did it’s job…but word to the wise: don’t be afraid to use it everywhere!!

7. The “Wet” Brush

Okay so this one isn’t really a “product” per se, but it is definitely a toiletry item I used to replace my chemically-heavy detangler and leave-in-conditioner.  The “Wet” Brush is one of the best detangling brushes I’ve used to date. Because I have naturally wavy/curly hair that I often straighten, I needed to find a safe-solution to reduce the knots and breakage I often experienced. This brush was able to unravel my toughest tangles without me resorting to use any harsh chemicals or conditioning treatments.

8. Dove Shampoo/Conditioner

Finding a pregnancy-safe shampoo was never something that really crossed my mind with my first child.  I mostly avoided the big hair no-no’s like color treatments and chemical straightening procedures that contain formaldehyde, but I didn’t really think twice about my shampoo.  But of course, the more I looked into this one I found another long list of questionable chemicals already being used in the most popular shampoos and conditioners available. So with this one I honestly tried not to worry too much. I just made sure to use a product that wasn’t overly perfumed and irritating.  I chose to alternate between Dove and Neutrogena shampoos as I found them to be the most skin/hair-friendly.

Although it’s impossible to really avoid every harsh chemical out there, I do believe it is wise to make small changes here and there as life permits to give your new little bundle of joy the best shot at life.

Did you make any major changes to your daily beauty routine while pregnant?

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DHA & Helping Baby Develop a Healthy Brain

As an expectant mother, one of the most important ways to care for yourself and unborn baby is to simply eat healthy.  Most people know this means eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, avoiding raw or undercooked meats and going the organic route when possible.  But few really give much thought to the prenatal vitamins needed to supplement mommy’s diet…before, during and after pregnancy.  And yes, taking a supplement before pregnancy officially begins is just as important because a baby’s neural tube development which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops during the first month of pregnancy!

BrainStrong Prenatal So what should a rookie mom-to-be even consider when shopping around for a prenatal vitamin, if everything looks pretty nutrient-rich? Well, most prenatal vitamins include important components like calcium and folic acid, but what you really want to look for is something that includes DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid.

One such vitamin is BrainStrong Prenatal, which includes up to 75% more DHA than other leading over-the-counter prenatal vitamins!

Experts say that DHA is critical for optimal brain health and function in infants because it is a central component of the nervous system.  New research even suggests that babies born to mothers with high levels of DHA are more likely to have advanced cognitive abilities and an increased attention span (aka smart babies!).  And if a mother isn’t getting the adequate DHA from her food source, she needs to make sure it’s supplied in her vitamins!

What sets BrainStrong apart from the competition, is the fact that it comes from a natural vegetarian source, not fish as with other prenatal vitamins.  This means you get the benefits of DHA without having to stress about the unknown pollutants and toxins potentially found in certain fish.

When I think back to the early days of my pregnancy, I regret not learning more about DHA — which wasn’t included in the prenatal vitamin I was taking at the time.  I remember my doctor just handing me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and didn’t really talk too much about what was in it.  If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been sure to look for DHA!

Luckily today as a nursing mother, I am armed with even more knowledge to make informative decisions when it comes to my child’s health…and am happy to see DHA included in my current choice of vitamins.  And if you’re wondering…YES, DHA is still important for the ongoing growth and development of your little ones!

You can look for BrainStrong at your local pharmacy and see if it is right for you.

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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8 Week Progress Report

updateSo I’ve officially reached the 8-week postpartum mark in my birth recovery.  It’s a bit of a milestone for a number of reasons.  For starters, it’s the time I can resume a number of activities, including exercising lightly — something I’m thrilled to hear! I’ve been incredibly eager to shed some fat off of my belly and thighs — an issue I’ve never really had to worry about too much in my life until pregnancy happened (thankfully!).  But, I just haven’t had the time to get into it…that with caring for a newborn and all.  I barely have time to blog these days.  I’m trying to start working out slowly, however.  A yoga stretch here and there when I get a moment, before embarking on a serious workout routine.

But in other news, baby is doing quite well and showing strong signs of growth. He’s gained about 3 pounds over the last month and has grown 2 inches!  He still spits up quite a bit, which I’ve been assured is normal.  Although sometimes it worries me a lot — especially when it’s more projectile and exits both his nose and mouth!

And I guess the breastfeeding thing is going well, although extremely demanding and life-changing.  Chili is feeding on demand…and let me just say he is one hungry boy, needing a meal about every hour during the day!

Sleeping is still mostly a distant memory…and I’m surprised how much I am able to function with so little of it.  But each day he sleeps a little longer throughout the night.  So heading in the right direction, it seems!

Baby is also looking cuter than ever as he fills in those wrinkles all over his arms and legs.  Right now, he has his daddy’s face, which isn’t a bad thing :)!  Can’t wait to watch him grow into the little gentlemen he will surely be!



Baby Chili Is Here! — My Labor and Delivery Story


Baby has arrived!!!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging…to finally welcome into the world my baby boy “Chili!  So many emotions have filled my heart upon meeting this amazingly angelic creature – beginning with immense love.  I never imagined how much I could love someone until I met him.  He is truly a blessing in my life and I can’t believe that it all happened so fast.

My Labor and Delivery Story

It was about 1 am Friday night, when after just falling asleep, I felt a gush of water down my legs – yeah not quite what I expected considering the statistic cited by experts which claims that “less than 10% of water breakages occur naturally”.  But when it happened I knew it was time…but was just not quite ready!

After scurrying off to the bathroom, I remember two things crossing my mind.  First, where in the world was my husband (who I later discovered was spending time in his man cave!!) and why wasn’t I feeling any real contractions then?!

Three hours later, we were checked into the hospital waiting to get some Pitocin to induce contractions.  Although my birth plan definitely included an Epidural request, I wanted to test my tolerance for the labor pains and experience I had heard so much about.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t going for a medal or anything, I just wanted to see how it felt before succumbing to pain relief (I was used to chronic pain already, so figured what the hell?).

sleepy baby

My sleepy baby

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad initially: contractions gradually kicked in and some lower back pain ensued.  At that point, I was about 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, with my pain level at about a 4 on a scale of 1-10.  As the hours went by, and the Pitocin levels increased, the pain was becoming less tolerable but it wasn’t quite what I expected (i.e. Charlie-horse type cramps all over my stomach)…it was more of an intense lower abdominal cramp, with severe lower back pain and the feeling as though I needed to make a bowel movement.

Several more hours passed, and the intensity grew.  I kept complaining to my nurse about the urge to poop, but wasn’t quite sure.  She quickly reassured me that these were typical symptoms of labor…so I did my breathing exercises we had practiced in the birthing class.  The funny thing was, none of those “techniques” really mattered…what mattered then, was simply that I could breath deeply at my own pace, to whatever helped me cope with the pain.  And even though the nurse kept applauding my quiet/effective breathing techniques, I didn’t really think I was doing anything other than trying to get through the pain.

About 14 hours into labor and waiting for my pain level to reach a 9, I gave in to the Epidural (that needle inserted into several areas of my back was a process in itself!).   Shortly after, the doctor finally came in for another check-up to reveal I was 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced, but then kept pressing down on my abdomen as if needing to investigate further.  I knew something was up at that point, especially once he asked, “When was the last time you had an ultrasound?”

To make a long story short, the new ultrasound revealed that baby wasn’t exactly in the position doctors had mentioned weeks earlier…he was breech :(.  I was flooded with emotions knowing that I had to get a cesarean section — nervousness and fear filled my heart.  I was hoping to avoid a c-section due to the complications involved and my lack of research (I was convinced a natural birth would be possible after hearing that the baby was head down and in labor position less than a month earlier).

However, once the c word was uttered, the process was actually much faster than I expected…the nurses prepped me for the operation at 4:30 pm and by 5:09 pm our precious baby was delivered!  Everything happened so fast and I can’t wait to watch my little bundle of joy grow :)!


37 Weeks Pregnant & Full-Term!

37 weeks

Full-term baby!

Whoo-hoo! I’ve finally made it to the full-term mark of my pregnancy!! Baby can come at any point now and technically be “on time.”  What that means in terms of symptoms, is that things are definitely getting a bit tougher with the extra weight and pressure on my lower stomach!  I’m a major waddler and just need extra help getting up from sitting or sleeping (either from a table or my sleepy hubby). In terms of these pregnancy updates, I’ll have to play it by ear, but I’m not sure how many more I’ll be tracking from here on — this one pretty much sums it all up!

  • How far along:  37 weeks. 4 days.
  • Total weight gain:  I actually lost 1 lb since last weekbut total weight gain has been near 50 lbs! Guess I needed to put on the weight for baby!
  • Sleep:  Wow. Sleeping comfortably is simply a distant memory. I wake up with extreme pressure on my bladder, a rock hard stomach and my back pain is simply excruciating…upper, middle and lower :(.
  • Best moment this week:  Celebrating my 2nd anniversary married to my love!
  • Movement:  Less movement these days, but I guess that makes sense with cramped conditions in the womb.  Although if I cease to feel movement, I will definitely be in touch with Dr.!
  • Symptoms:  Pressure on my stomach, back pain and mini contractions…especially at night!
  • Food cravings:  I just feel super dehydrated! Need to keep filling up my water bottle!!
  • Food aversions:  Not too much these days…mostly just the smell of raw or bland meats.
  • Labor Signs:  Those Braxton Hicks contractions and pressure on bladder.
  • Belly Button in or out?  Neither. Flat belly button :p.
  • What I miss:  Working out, eating fresh-made deli sandwiches and being able to move around at my leisure.
  • What I am looking forward to:  Finally meeting this little man :).
  • Weekly Wisdom:  “All I know is that you come into the hospital with a baby in your stomach and come out with a baby in your arms.” – inspiring words from sister’s mid-wife on the miracle of birth.
  • Major Milestones:  Baby is full-term!

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36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

36 weeks - maxing out!

I’m keeping this update short and sweet, since I’m closing in on 37 weeks — yeah, full-term in just two days!! Baby will be here shortly, so these baby bump updates will soon be replaced with actual baby updates :)!

  • How far along:  36 weeks. 5 days.
  • Total weight gain:  Too much!
  • Sleep:  (No change from the last week.) The biggest issue continues to be sleeping comfortably. My back hurts. It’s hard to turn from right side to left side. And frequent trips to the toilet continue to interrupt my sleep.
  • Best moment this week:  Finishing the nursery! (Finally satisfied with the layout!)
  • Movement:  Yes! Although there is less movement due to the cramped conditions. When he does it is much more apparent.
  • Symptoms:  (No change from last week.) Biggest symptom is the upper back pain, shortness of breath and waddling.
  • Food cravings:  Bread and butter. And lots of water.
  • Food aversions:  The smell of bland flavorless chicken – hasn’t changed.
  • Labor Signs:  YES! Feeling those BH contractions again, especially at night!
  • Belly Button in or out?  Neither. Flat belly button :p.
  • What I miss:  Being able to walk…normal!
  • What I am looking forward to:  Getting a much-needed pedicure and massage (hopefully!)
  • Weekly Wisdom: A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”
  • Major Milestones:  According to, baby now weighs about 6 lbs like a crenshaw melon and more than 18 and 1/2 inches long!

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