Childbirth Prep Class: Part Two

childbirth class part twoThis Saturday was the second part of our childbirth prep class.  Yes, 10 a.m. was still a bit early for the both of us, but our eyes lit up at the sight of the Dunkin Donuts munchkins waiting for us on the table :)!

The session began with a review of the different types of births (vaginal vs. cesarean), the specific details entailed in each, and some medical procedures often necessary (aka episiotomies, use of forceps etc.).  The instructor seemed to want to fly through a few of her slides to avoid gasps from the men in the audience!

Afterwards, we practiced some more breathing exercises (this was really what I wanted to focus on!) to help us deal with each impending labor contraction.  I know I am a stress-bunny so just really wanted to make sure I was breathing properly and not running out of air, during the real deal.  Charlie was in a great mood, cheering me on with each breathe; I really appreciated his coaching skills (even though his blowing in my face was a bit much)!

Soon after, we all prepared for the much anticipated birth video…last time I remember really watching one of these was in 7th grade health class so couldn’t wait to refresh my memory and see what was in store for us ladies.  The video recapped on the three stages of labor including the on-set of contraction pains, birth and the delivery of the placenta.  Most of the men in the audience couldn’t bare to look during the “crowning” scene!  Too much for the poor men to bare?! What about us ladies who have to go through with the “burning ring of fire” sensation as they call it? Yeah, yeah.

Once the video was over, we concluded by taking the official tour of the hospital.  Getting to see the different labor and maternity wards in the hospital really helped alleviate some fears I had about the unknown.  We got to see the emergency entrance where we are greeted upon our arrival, check out the delivery rooms (modern and spacious), and walk past the nursery area (nothing too exciting actually, since no babies were present and the room looked more like an office!).

All-in-all I think the class was truly informative and helped me get in a better mind-frame to face the realities of birth. God help us get through it!

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