How to Make Potty Training Stress-free

This post was sponsored by PAMPERS® EASY UPS, however all the opinions expressed are my own.

The signs were all there. Wanting to sit on the potty. Tugging at his diaper while saying the words “pee pee” and actually going pee pee while on the potty!

That’s when I knew it was finally time to potty-train our recently turned 2 year-old boy. It’s an often-dreaded journey that many parents want to avoid…and I don’t blame them…especially with everything we went through while potty training our eldest son. But going through that experience helped us learn a thing or two when it comes to potty training toddlers.

When Pampers reached out to us about hosting a potty training party, I knew it was just what we needed to really get things going!

So last weekend we celebrated the big moment with a few friends over some yummy food and goodies to learn about potty training.

potty training party for toddlers

It was a small no-fuss party, with just the right ingredients to keep the attention span of 2 and 3 year olds.

Pampers even sent us a few items to decorate with, to make the experience “more real” (because we all know how exciting the sound of a “party” is to little ones)!

easy party backdrop

We had a colorful party table to display all the Pampers goodies including EasyUps training pants, coupons and potty training facts along with a reward chart to make the experience fun for kids!

IMG_5528Pampers goodiesWe served some healthy snacks: a platter of mixed fruit and veggies, popcorn, sandwiches and a few juice boxes (to make sure they would need to go potty).

food table

The kids seemed to enjoy the treats as they goofed around :).

party food for kids

Once they had their fill, we let them play for a bit and then started to take turns on the potty.

potty breakThey loved learning how to use the reward chart where they could add a sticker after they went, wiped, flushed and washed their hands — it was a great motivating factor!potty reward chartThe party was set with a laid back tone, to ensure kids had an overall positive association with potty and toilet training. There was no pressure to go, just positive reinforcement and encouragement.

And as we begin this journey a second time, I wanted to share some tips we passed along to other parents making the transition from diapers to training pants in hopes to make the process a little less stressful for all!Potty training a toddler? These easy tips will help you go from diapers to training pants with less stress!

Tips to Make Potty Training Easy

1. Wait until your child is ready.

I can’t stress this one point enough. The potty training process will go a lot smoother and faster, if you start only when your child is ready. Putting pressure on your child will only make things harder for everyone involved. So once your child starts tugging on their diaper, keeping dry for longer periods or simply asking to go, then you know it’s a good time to start.

2. Make it fun.

It’s much easier to get little ones to do things when you make it seem like less of a chore and more like a fun game or activity. That’s why throwing a potty training party like we did or using sticker charts can help you get started on the right foot.

3. Be patient.

Along with waiting until your child is actually ready to use the potty, it’s important to have patience throughout the entire training process. This doesn’t only mean patience waiting as your child sits on the toilet — it also means learning not to get frustrated or angry at your child when they have accidents (because we all know it’s part of the learning process!).

4. Encourage your child.

While your child is the single best indicator of when they are ready to go, it’s important to encourage them along the way, as a little reminder. So make sure you set timers every few hours for bathroom breaks and physically sit them on the toilet — especially after they eat or drink.

5. Try comfortable training pants.

When you need to make a quick run for the toilet, it’s oh so important to have the right training pants. We love ones that are easy to pull down and back up when giving the potty a try. And it’s also important to choose ones that are comfortable to wear.

When Pampers sent a party package, we were very impressed with the quality of the EasyUps training pants — they are incredibly comfortable with super stretchy sides and the inner lining is one of the softness we’ve ever tried!

Pampers EasyUps feature outstanding leak protection for up to 12 hours — and even overnight — which is a novelty for training pants. There’s even a wetness indicator to help parents easily know when an accident happens.

And as a mom to three little boys, I LOVE the core that’s specially positioned for boys! (There are even special cartoon designs for both boys AND girls :)!).

Throwing a potty training party was just a smart way to begin the transition with ease. It set a positive tone that will be our guide throughout the whole process…and we hope these tips will help your little ones on their journey as well!

PampersEasyUpsLogoRevIf you’d like to learn more about Pampers EasyUps and get some more potty training tips, be sure to visit the Pampers website and connect with the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. great tips! I love that you had an actual party! My son is 2.5 and is refusing to potty train. Like he knows how to and what to do, just doesn’t want to at all, such a stress!

    • Thanks Brittany. It is definitely stressful, but I think continuing to encourage him, while letting him do it at his own pace really is key!

  2. How fun to throw a party for them to get them excited about potty training! I love that little chart. I don’t have little ones but, I have daughters that do. Pinning to share this with them.
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  3. so agree with this my friend and love that you had a little party for the kids! the chart is perfect and i feel like my daughter would get it! thanks for this!
    cait recently posted…Yogathon RecapMy Profile

  4. These are great tips! A potty training party would be so fun for the littles!
    Stefanie / The Monarch Mommy recently posted…Preparing Your Toddler For The New BabyMy Profile

  5. Thank for sharing these tips, Ana! I have successfully potty trained my daughter and I will be potty training my 2-year old son with these great tips.
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