Fish School Printable Valentine Card

Looking for a cute, last-minute Valentine card for the kids to handout?

Today I’m sharing a super cute fish Valentine perfect for those last-minute class exchanges…just in case the winter weather had you trapped indoors all weekend or if the closest store is actually sold out, like in our case!

Printable fish school Valentine kids can give to classmates! Cute last-minute Valentine idea!

It’s funny how I’ve seen Valentines cards and goodies all over the place for months, but of course the day before Valentine’s day, when you actually decide to pick up a few things, there’s nothing in sight.

That’s when the DIY and printable Valentine ideas come in super handy.

With my preschooler particularly into animals of every kind, I knew this fish card would be a fun Valentine to create. It also makes a great gender-neutral card to give out — because let’s face it, most of the Valentine’s out there seem to be geared towards sweethearts and crushes…not best buds or friends-only type cards.

Cute printable Valentine cards for kids to exchange with the class! This fun fish theme is perfect for boys and girls!

“I’m so glad we swim in the same school” is a fun play on school card, kids can share with all their buddies – boy or girl!

All you need is some quality stock paper and printer. Use the printable link below to download.

Get your printable here!

This sheet prints 6 to a page so you can get just the right size for little hands. You can give the cards as is or include a small treat for classmates.

We thought goldfish made the perfect goodie to go along with the fish school Valentine.

Goldfish valentines

If you like this theme, get the matching clipart set here.

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