Handprint Flower Picture Frame for Mom

Every mother wants to cherish those precious early memories with baby. From holding those tiny hands in her own, to marveling at the cuteness in front of her.

And creating keepsakes with babies handprints or footprints is the perfect way to share those moments around the home.

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, a homemade kid’s picture frame warms just about anyone’s heart and is a special (mostly) kid-made gift your little ones can give.

Just pass along this cute picture frame tutorial to dad to help create a beautiful keepsake mom will forever treasure!

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Adorable picture frame gift idea using kid's handprints to create a flower bouquet. Makes a cute keepsake or gift for Valentines or Mother's Day.

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Handprint Flower Picture Frame


To start, we colored a wooden picture frame purchased at Michael’s for only $1 (gotta love those bargains!). Let your child paint the frame in a favorite color or simply paint it yourself by going along the grain to create a nice finish and canvas color that “pops”.

Next trace your child’s hands on a white sheet of paper (we used card stock here since it’s not as flimsy as construction paper).

mothers day picture frame - handprint

We used three handprints for our daffodil flower bouquet and added pom poms and pipe cleaners for the center and stem parts.

Love the contrast of the different colors beside each other!

mother's day picture frame - daffodils

Add a favorite photo of mom’s to the frame to complete the look!

diy mother's day picture frame craft for kids

You can even personalize the frame with a special “I love you” message for mom using letter stickers or a permanent marker.

I just love how it turned out and will remember to treasure these special moments!

DIY picture frame craft for mom! Trace your child's handprints to make a flower bouquet and add them to the frame for an adorable Mother's Day gift idea!!

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