Letters from Daddy 1/24/12

{Letters from Daddy are a series of letters from expectant father to son, on what it means to be a man.}

Dear Chili,

letters from daddyAs I live and breathe today, you are still about four months away from emerging into this world to take your very first breath.  You will find yourself born into a world very different than mine, at least as of the writing of this letter.  It will be a world different to anything I have experienced, because you will be in it.  You are the difference.  Your life will be the one to change my world, and all those who may come to know you.  You carry, in your very being, all the dreams, aspirations, and love of all those who came before you — myself included.  You hold a power that few understand; a power that can be used to make the world a better place.

If I can teach you anything in this life, it would be to never forget the greatness inside of you, and to never shy away from using this power for the greater good.  Do not fear your abilities; embrace them.  Do not sit idel while others do wrong, or while injustice is levied upon the weak.  Stand up.  Stay strong.  Remember my son, the only way for evil to triumph, is if Good men stay silent.  The power of your ancestors lives within you — it makes you special, and fills you with limitless capacity.  Do right by those that come before you.  This world is what  YOU make of it.



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