Nuby Foam BathTub Letters & Numbers Review

Woohoo!!  I’m so excited to announce I have been chosen as an official Nuby mommy blogger!

What’s the significance of this? Well, this means that periodically I will receive an assortment of Nuby products and be able to provide my readers with an honest review — I will also be hosting giveaways from time to time to give someone else the chance to test out the product and see how awesome Nuby really is!

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For my first review, I chose to go with the foam bath letters and numbers. Not only does my toddler love bath time, but he also is a big fan of reciting (albeit a selective few) of his ABCs — and most recently began counting all the way to 14!  These bath letters and numbers are a perfect way to reinforce his learning!

The Product

The Nuby foam bath letters and numbers are a safe bath time addition, making for a fun learning experience.  The letters and numbers are suggested for ages 18+ months and are Phthalate and BPA FREE!  There are 36 letters and numbers that float in the water and stick to the walls when wet. This makes it easy for your little ones to easily interact with them and point out the ones they know!

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Why I Love Them

Although he’s not quite spelling words yet, my son loves pointing out his favorite letters like “P” for “Pop” or “2” for his latest birthday! It’s a start in the right direction.

And besides the fact that these foam letters/numbers are a colorful and fun way to practice the ABCs and 123s, I love how they float in the water for even more endless entertainment!

Added bonus? The letters keep my little guy busy for the entire bath time experience — making it easier to get him squeaky clean and ready for bed!

Where to Find Them

Interested in making bath time more exciting for your toddler? Get the Nuby Foam Bath Letters and Numbers at Meijer or

You can also connect with Nuby below for the latest product offerings:


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  1. I won a set of these in a giveaway and my daughter (who was 4) loved them. I think it was the fact that they could stick to the wall! 😉

  2. We love bath letters. Even though our kids are little (1 and 2) they recognize their names because my husband spells them out in bath letters each time. Congrats on being a Nuby Mom.

  3. Ana, I loved having toys like these for our kids when they were little, such a fun time:)

  4. I love this, they would be so much fun


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