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The Truth About Calcium Requirements During Pregnancy

Pregnant and looking to follow a healthy diet full of the proper amount of calcium and vitamins to meet baby and mommy's needs? Read more. The human body is capable of doing amazing things. The whole miracle of life and the fact that your pregnant body can provide all the necessary nutrients baby needs even when YOU don't get the recommended intake of vitamins or are too nauseous to eat well during pregnancy. Related: 25 Ways to Treat Morning Sickness But this of course has consequences for the expectant mom who needs to take care of herself to be able to handle the wide-array of physical … [Read more...]

14 Genius Pregnancy Hacks to Make Life Easier for the Mom-to-Be

Pregnant and looking to find the best pregnancy hacks out there? Or are you simply wondering what all the fuss is about these so-called hacks for mom-to-be? From a momma who's been there, here's the simple answer: Pregnancy hacks are tips and tricks the expectant mom needs when she's looking to survive the most physically and emotionally demanding 9 months of growing a little human. So if you fit the bill, and are a mom-to-be looking for clever ways to make your pregnancy a little easier, this list of pregnancy hacks and homemade tips will do just that. Whether it's managing the symptoms … [Read more...]

Pumping Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom: Tips to Build a Milk Supply

Are you a breastfeeding mother struggling to build up a milk supply? These no-brainer pumping tips will help you produce more milk so you can store up a supply to bottle feed baby. Perfect for moms going back to the workforce or moms who just want to get a hand feeding baby! This post contains affiliate links.   The whirring of a breast pump machine is a sound that brings numerous memories to mind for the nursing mother. Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw. It's an incessant hum that can infiltrate those exhausting days and nights throughout the blur of the newborn phase. Some moms … [Read more...]

The Best Party Games for Baby’s First Birthday

Celebrating baby's first birthday? You'll love these fun activities and games that are perfect for your child's special party! This post may contain affiliate links. Every mom wants to ensure their baby's first birthday celebration is perfect. Even though baby won't remember that first party, turning the big one is a special milestone all parents love looking back on. I remember how much thought and planning I put into my first child's birthday: hours of scouring the web for cute birthday party themes, decorations and food to fit the theme and satisfy guests of all ages. But the rainy … [Read more...]

Tummy Time Activities for Your Teething Baby

Teething is such an excruciating time for both baby and mommy. Obviously, your little bundle of joy is going through a lot of physical pain as a new tooth makes it's way through the gums, causing excessive drooling, fussiness and even more diaper rashes! So it's no surprise mommy is suffering watching her baby go through the process for months! When our little boys were going through the teething process, we made tummy time a playful moment to alleviate baby's pain with some fun sensory exploration. Tummy time is an essential part of baby's development that our pediatrician recommended … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideas

Find cute and practical ideas for baby's first Easter basket with our fun-filled list below! This post contains affiliate links. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Even as a kid, I remember the excitement each Spring when the flowers started to bloom and we would get to wear fancy Easter bonnets and dresses to church. But one of the MOST exciting things about Easter as a kid was definitely the egg hunts and fun Easter goodies we would get in our baskets. That's why as a parent now, I am always looking for fun ways to decorate and fill up Easter baskets for my own kids. … [Read more...]

21+ St Patrick’s Day Crafts, Activities and Treats for Kids

Looking for fun St. Patrick's crafts and activities to do with your kids? Well if you're like us, and love simple ways to keep the kids busy during the holidays, we have a perfect mix of ideas sure to please. So many fun options, whether you're looking for rainbow and green theme crafts or some easy St. Paddy's treats to share with toddlers and preschoolers! What I love about St. Patrick's Day, is simply the colorful array of activities and possibilities to make crafting and play time a learning moment. With rainbow crafts, you have the opportunity to teach or reinforce colors and … [Read more...]

Fish School Printable Valentine Card

Looking for a cute, last-minute Valentine card for the kids to handout? Today I'm sharing a super cute fish Valentine perfect for those last-minute class exchanges...just in case the winter weather had you trapped indoors all weekend or if the closest store is actually sold out, like in our case! It's funny how I've seen Valentines cards and goodies all over the place for months, but of course the day before Valentine's day, when you actually decide to pick up a few things, there's nothing in sight. That's when the DIY and printable Valentine ideas come in super handy. With my … [Read more...]

10 Breastfeeding Hacks the Nursing Mom Needs in Her Life

Any breastfeeding mother will tell you there are just some things she wish she knew sooner - breastfeeding hacks or tips and tricks that made nursing a little easier. Because let's face it, breastfeeding can come with its share of challenges. From best ways to store breast milk and increase milk supply to relieving engorgement and pumping like a pro, I'm sharing a few nursing tips moms will truly appreciate. Such genius ways to make life easier for nursing moms and a must-read for moms who feed on demand or moms who want to keep baby full. This post may contain affiliate links. How … [Read more...]

30+ Adorable Printable Valentines for Kids

If you have a school-age child, you know how much fun it is for them to exchange Valentines cards with classmates. It's a great excuse to get crafty with kids when you make them your own too! Last year was our first go at it with my preschooler, where we decided to try our DIY version with flower lollipops -- a sweet treat indeed. They were so much fun to make especially as a last-minute Valentine idea. This year, with Valentine's Day around the corner, I decided to share some of my favorite Valentines ideas you can make at home. All you need is a printer and some quality paper -- adding … [Read more...]