The Best Party Games for Baby’s First Birthday

Celebrating baby’s first birthday? You’ll love these fun activities and games that are perfect for your child’s special party!

So many FUN games to play! Celebrate baby's first birthday with these practical party ideas baby will love!

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Every mom wants to ensure their baby’s first birthday celebration is perfect. Even though baby won’t remember that first party, turning the big one is a special milestone all parents love looking back on.

I remember how much thought and planning I put into my first child’s birthday: hours of scouring the web for cute birthday party themes, decorations and food to fit the theme and satisfy guests of all ages. But the rainy weather sabotaged some of my plans for having fun outdoors. As a perfectionist and someone who wanted to go all out for the first one, I admit it hurt.

But when I saw how happy the kids were with their party treats and basic party activities, I realized all the stress was futile. All they really needed were a few fun games to keep entertained!

I realized it was the simple party activities that the kids loved the most (and games that helped keep tantrums at bay). I’m sharing our favorite birthday party activities with you, in hopes that you too will relax and not put too much worry in appearance, but more so in the overall birthday experience!

The Best Birthday Party Games for a Baby


Bubbles were such a HUGE hit at all my kids’ birthdays! Babies especially seem to go gaga over watching those magical soapy spheres float in the air. Just watch how they become mesmerize, giggle and try to catch the bubbles. Such a great developmental activity for eye tracking too!


As simple as they sound, balls of varied size and textures provide a wide-array of sensory experience for little ones making them such an easy play idea at a birthday party. Babies do a lot of learning through touch so we found these sensory balls especially fun.

Ball Pit

Fill a small inflatable pool with BPA-free plastic balls and you’ve got a super fun ball pit that will keep babies entertained for hours!


Although these should be monitored closely, balloons seem to be another hit with little ones. Whether they are just tugging at the end of one or passing one back and forth at the party, balloons are another favorite!

Ride-on Toys

Have a crawling or walking baby? Then get ready for some fun!! When a baby is on the move, you know they never want to stop. Ride-on toys bring lots of fun and adventure for the thrill seeker!

Water Table

If the weather is nice and you are celebrating outdoors, a water table makes an AMAZING activity for a kids’ party sure to keep guests happy! Babies will adore all the sensory play possible — whether pouring and dumping water or just splashing about.


If your little one enjoys a good game of peek-a-boo, he will have a blast crawling through a pop-up tunnel. You could go all out and create an obstacle course where baby can go through and retrieve a few stuffed animals and sensory balls for an even more fun party idea!


If you have space for it, bring in a small child’s slide! Your active baby will love climbing up a step or two and you can help them slide down – just be sure to supervise for this one especially if you have have toddlers around, hehe!


If you are not afraid of a little messy play, try some simple finger paint fun. Make sure to choose a non-toxic brand of washable paint and this will make a fun arty play activity. (Another great option if you are outdoors where you can easily clean up with water too!


Every celebration needs some upbeat music to get the party started. So don’t forget to play an ecletic mix of songs to watch your baby groove to the beat! You’ll be amazed at how easy a dancing baby can make a whole room smile. You can also grab a few baby-friendly instruments like drums, maracas and keyboards to let baby make music of his or her own!!

So many ways to have fun and enjoy baby’s very first birthday party – just  remember to stick to the basics and let baby set the tone!

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