Pregnancy-Safe Cleaning Products for the Expectant Mom

Looking for baby-safe cleaning products okay to use when you’re pregnant? Find the best products for your family, without all the toxins with these must-have cleaning tips.

Pregnancy-Safe cleaning products and hacks to keep mom and baby safe from harmful chemicals! Includes non-toxic, all-natural solutions new moms need.

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I’ve been pregnant a grand total of three times. And each time cleaning the house was a task I absolutely dreaded.

Let’s get real. Putting away laundry, cleaning toilets and doing dishes are tasks most people dislike in general. But when you’re expecting a baby, finding cleaning products that are safe for your unborn child is even more of a challenge.

While most household cleaning products (like window cleaners and all-purpose cleaners are generally safe), many do contain hazardous chemicals intended to fight grime and bacteria. These chemicals can be harmful to an expectant mama and baby and should be avoided during this fragile period of development…especially during the first-trimester.

After lots of research and recommendations from friends and family, I found some safer, non-toxic cleaning alternatives to use during pregnancy.

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How pregnancy intuition protects mom-to-be.

Even in full nesting mode, during each of my three pregnancies, I specifically remember that feeling in my gut when handling cleaning sprays — as if my body were telling me what I should stay away from. Indeed the pregnant intuition has an amazing way of protecting baby!

That’s because pregnancy causes many physiological changes in the body — one of these is heightening the senses. It’s no surprise we become hypersensitive to smells — everything from mild perfumes and odors can become amplified so that we can more easily detect when foods are spoiled and unfit to eat or when everyday cleaning products emit toxins. Thank God!!

Why many cleaning products are bad for a pregnant mom.

These toxic fumes are can cause us to become even more nauseous than we already are, and can even pose a serious threat to the unborn baby —  as some researchers found a connection between household cleaners and childhood respiratory problems and wheezing.

That’s why it’s super important to read EVERY label carefully before using. But don’t rely on labels alone, as they can be quite deceiving. You can even visit the EWG to see how your favorite cleaning product scores when it comes to healthy cleaning.

Pregnancy-Safe cleaning products and hacks to keep mom and baby safe from harmful chemicals! Include non-toxic, all-natural solutions new moms need!ancy-Safe cleaning products and hacks to keep mom and baby safe! Include non-toxic, all-natural solutions new moms need!

Top cleaners to avoid while pregnant

Here are some cleaning products to limit or steer clear of all together while expecting:

Mold Cleaners: Whether it’s cleaning bathroom tiles or corners in your basement covered in mold, this is a job you do not want to be doing when you’re pregnant. Black mold especially is very toxic and can be linked to birth defects. Avoid it!

Oven cleaners: Just don’t do it. Oven cleaners contain some of the harshest chemicals overall, so it’s best to not even purchase. To clean your oven, go all-natural with a safe dish detergent and water.

Clorox: Bleach can be overpowering for many people let alone the pregnant body susceptible fainting or dizzy spells. Whenever possible get some help with this job.

When you really need to clean the toilets or tiles, get your spouse to help or check out the other cleaning solutions below.

Pregnancy & Baby-Safe Cleaning Options

Choose non-toxic or organic brands

Your first step should be to shop for non-toxic cleaning products. Yes, the prices tend to be a little higher, but they are often worth it. At least during the 9 months of pregnancy and early months with a little one in the house. Below are some great organic brands to consider.

Read labels carefully

If organic brands are just not in the budget, simply try to avoid the products with those dangerous chemicals and overpowering, toxic fumes. And know what to look for when you’re reading the labels. A good rule of thumb is to avoid products that say they’re toxic or include chemicals like glycol ethers  or phenols as they may be linked to an increased risk of miscarriage or birth defects

Use soap and water

Another idea to ensure your cleaning products are safe for mom and baby is to stick to simple household cleansers like soap and water. Oftentimes, dish soaps like Dawn + water make a perfectly fine combo to clean floors, tables, countertops and fridges.

Try homemade cleaning solutions

If you are looking for something a little more powerful, yet still equally safe, take a stab at DIY cleaners. Vinegar can be a wonderful cleaning agent. For some cleaning with vinegar inspiration check out this post of over 20 ideas!

More safe cleaning ideas

Other tips for non-toxic cleaning during your pregnancy include, keeping whatever room you’re working in well ventilated with fans, opening a window for fresh air to circulate, stocking up on disposable gloves.

If you decide you can afford a cleaning service, even better — just make sure the house is well-ventilated so that when you do step in you aren’t intoxicated with cleaners.

Cleaning while pregnant is not much fun at all. Your growing belly can make it harder to move quicker, handle heavy loads alone and all those cleaning chemicals can make you super nauseous.

So next time you feel guilty about playing that pregnancy card, don’t sweat it. There is no better excuse than baby for reminding mama to take it easy and do only the minimal.

Pregnancy-Safe cleaning products and hacks to keep mom and baby safe from harmful chemicals! Includes non-toxic, all-natural solutions new moms need.More pregnancy posts:

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