Product Review: My BrestFriend Nursing Pillow

Picture this: You’ve finally fought off the urge to sleep through the cries of a fussy baby during the wee-hours of the morning. You grab the nearest pillow and blanket you can reach for, get baby to latch on, and all is well.  Well…not exactly.  Minutes later you find yourself hunched over in the middle of your bed with an aching back and numb arm. You didn’t quite realize how much back, arm and body support you really needed while breastfeeding.

my brest friend nursing pillowWell ladies, this is the reality.  Breastfeeding most definitely demands a comfortable position for mommy…otherwise your body will pay the price!  That’s why after hearing various stories about how pillows don’t always provide the best support, I made it a point to include the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow on my baby registry!

My Brest Friend, is just what it sounds like.  Your “best friend” for breastfeeding — or more specifically, a wrap-around pillow that is designed for breastfeeding support.  It is said to be the #1 choice of lactation consultants for nursing mothers who are looking to achieve longer holding and feeding cycles…or simply more comfortable feedings.  And I have to agree!

When I first tried the Brest Friend pillow, I wasn’t won over immediately, however.  I was only a few days postpartum and still recovering from a c-section.  So when I finally tried it on, I noticed that the darn thing was surprisingly snug — the latch-on belt was too tight around my waist and the pillow kept rubbing my incision.  I think it was a bit too early.

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When I decided to revisit the pillow and see how it would fit about two weeks later — when my wound wasn’t so fresh — I realized it was quite helpful!  Not only was it firm enough (unlike the Boppy) to support my growing baby and relieve my sore arms, it also left me with a free hand to use for other things like scratching that annoying itch on my nose!  Plus, My Brest Friend attaches to your body so you can move around as needed…very handy when you can’t sit tight after awhile.

But the best benefit I’ve gotten out of this sturdy pillow, is ongoing back support during feedings.  For someone with chronic back pain, I can appreciate the lumbar support it provides that helps to strengthen and align the rest of your core.  It just makes you feel much more comfortable.  And I can’t stress how important getting comfortable is when you need to sit still for 15 to 45 minutes!

I think My Brest Friend is an essential product first-time mothers need to consider if nursing.  You can rely on your standard pillows for support of course, but they really won’t provide the most comfort in the middle of the night…or day for that matter! And yeah, I’d say it’s true: My Brest Friend is pretty close to becoming my new best friend :)!

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  1. This looks great! The Boppy is always way too padded for me, but this doesn’t look quite as big! I’m so glad you linked up with the Mommy-Brain Mixer, friend! 🙂 I hope to see you next week!

    • Thanks Cassie! I think My Brest Friend is slightly smaller than the Boppy, but firm enough to support baby! I love it!

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