Product Review: Pea in a Pod Maternity Leggings

leggingsIf there’s one piece of maternity clothing that I’d recommend you shelling out some extra cash for during pregnancy, it’s maternity leggings!

For the majority of my pregnancy, I’ve been able to get away with regular clothes…partially because over-sized sweaters paired with standard leggings were perfect for the cold winter months when my belly was barely noticeable to the outside world.  Then when spring hit, and my bump was much more apparent, the standard leggings just wouldn’t cut it.  Not only did I feel like they were constricting my circulation and falling a bit too low on my hips, they were simply uncomfortable, as they pressed along my baby bump!

That’s when I decided I just needed to suck it up and spend an extra buck or two for more comfortable and fitting garb.  My first stop was Target, as I heard they carried an affordable line of leggings.  However, I was quite disappointed after trying on the only small-medium pair left in the store…they hugged my stomach just a bit too tight for my liking.

Next stop on the list was Destination Maternity — the mother of maternity clothing stores.  Lucky for me, I spotted a pair of leggings on sale on my way out (a “buy 1, get 1 half off” type of deal I couldn’t resist)!  Although the leggings were quite pricey at $40 each, I kept reminding myself that I was actually getting two for $60 so was really worth it — especially since they would be much more comfortable than the pants I was wearing up until that point.

And boy am I thrilled that I decided to splurge a bit! The Pea in a Pod Maternity Leggings are EXTREMELY comfortable; I can’t imagine how I went so long without them.  Not only are they made of a more durable material and stretch fabric, but they simply provide the overall coverage and comfort a pregnant mom needs! Certainly worth paying for that type of satisfaction.

I can’t stress it enough: If there is only one piece of maternity clothing you purchase, make it comfy pair of leggings. You won’t regret it! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for giving all this valuable information on website about the maternity leggings. They are made up of durable material and stretch fabric which simply provide the overall coverage and comfort for a pregnant mom. I think the pregnant ladies liked this article very much. I like your article, it is really knowledgeable.

  2. You are so right about the target ones… as I sit here at 34 weeks preg. and my wee one keeps shoving its butt underneath the waistband so as to make me nauseous…

    Next go around I’m getting the ones you got.


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