Snoogle Body Pillow: 8 Ways to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant

snoogle pregnancy pillowI’ve suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years, so knew that  sleeping comfortably during pregnancy was going to be an issue.  A body pillow was therefore a must-have on my list, but I didn’t just want to settle for any old pillow; I needed something unique and comfortable enough to handle my severe muscular and joint pains.

That’s why when I read the raving reviews of the Snoogle Maternity Pillow from Leachco, I decided to make the investment (even though it was going for about $55 bucks)!  Yes, a hefty price to pay for a pillow, but I had to try something to rid myself of additional back pain.

Now that I’ve had the pillow for over 3 months, I gotta say I LOVE it :)!  Although it isn’t a miracle worker, it has helped me cope with a number of pregnancy discomforts plaguing me for months.  I am now able to sleep more comfortably through the night and wake up feeling less stiff overall.  I don’t need 3-5 different size pillows surrounding me in bed anymore (you know what I mean, one for your head, one propping up your feet and one stuffed between your knees);  I can simply use the Snoogle for supporting my head, neck, knees and aligning my hips and back properly.

The Snoogle also comes with a fitted pillow case that can be thrown into the wash when needed…and hey, who doesn’t like that functionality?

But one of the coolest features of this pregnancy pillow, is its versatility.  There are about 8 or so different positions it can be used in (which is critical for getting comfortable with a growing belly).  Here are a few:

  • Back to Back
    • Supports entire back
    • Aligns hips, neck, spine and legs
  • Tummy Tuck
    • Supports tummy for pregnancy or post-surgery
    • Ideal for breast-feeding in bed
  • Nest Rest
    • Upper or lower body elevation
    • Relieves stiffness, swelling and reflux
  • The Swirl
    • Perfect for watching TV or reading
    • Relieves neck and back pain
    • Lay flat for lounge pillow or baby prop
  • Swirl Around
    • Feed baby or read comfortably in bed
    • Upper extremity elevation, back support
  • Double Up
    • Elevation relieves congestion and reflux
  • Donut Deluxe
    • Ultimate cushion for lower body
    • Great addition to your recliner
  • 2-Soothe
    • Complete upper body support
    • Splints chest for deep breathing and coughing

Trust me, this pregnancy pillow will be put to good use, even well after your pregnancy!  I’d highly recommend this to any expectant mom having trouble sleeping, especially those who suffer from chronic back pain like myself.

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  1. I have awful back pain. This looks like it could help a lot.

  2. Snoogle pregnancy pillow was the best pregnancy pillow ever. I did my research already and this pillow has the extra advantage to become a no 1 choice compared to other brands.

    Nice post by the way

  3. I have been looking for ways to use the snoogle body pillow and guess what? my friend who is heavily pregnant asked me to ‘google’ it and that is how I landed here.

    Thank you very much!
    Mary Mary recently posted…Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow 2014 ReviewMy Profile

  4. I never used a pregnancy pillow before, but I sure did need one! I would have been a ton more comfortable that’s for sure!
    Elizabeth Smith recently posted…How to Wash Your PillowsMy Profile

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