Product Review: The “Wet” Brush

wet brushOne of the downsides of pregnancy beauty care, is the extended caution you have to take with the daily products and chemicals that touch your skin and hair — because some of these chemicals can pass through the blood stream and affect baby.  That’s why if you were previously using any hair detanglers containing harsh chemicals (such as parabens, phthalates, SLS’s, propylene glycol or keratin, for example) it’s important to be on the safe side and avoid such detanglers altogether.

For those of you who straighten your long curly/wavy hair like myself, this leaves you with a knotty mess to comb through (no pun intended)!   Having some sort of detangling alternative is key here.

Luckily, several months ago while getting a much-needed hair cut, I was introduced to the “Wet” Brush — a brush used on wet or dry hair to easily remove knots and snarls! I was really surprised to find a brush that could detangle so smoothly, while at the same time reduce the amount of hair lose and breakage I was accustomed to (seriously, I was used to seeing clumps of hair in my brush after trying to detangle with a comb)!

But the Wet Brush has super soft flexible bristles that gently unravel the toughest tangles with minimal effort — really great way to save time!  Not only is this a God-send for pregnant women, but a must-have for kids with long knotty hair!  Any parent would be happy to have one or two of these handy!

Now that I have the brush I don’t know how I got by without it — seriously one of the best brushes out there!!  If you are struggling with knotty and unmanageable hair, do yourself a favor and put $15 dollars to work at your local salon or online store and get yourself a Wet Brush! You won’t regret it :).

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