Saying Goodbye to Another Year, Welcoming the New

Why is it always tough to reflect on the year that is now long gone, once the new one roles in?

To me it seems that there is a sense of loss when you begin to reminisce about those fleeting moments you shared with loved ones, or all the goals you somehow failed to accomplish.  Don’t get me wrong, the new year brings much joy and anticipation to begin anew…but sometimes the closing of the previous year echoes in your mind when it ends with a loss.  And sadly, that was the case this year.

With only 4 days left before ringing in 2014, my hubby had to put down his dog of 16 years. What a sad day it was indeed.

Some may say that a dog is just a dog.  But to have spent a decade and a half with a loving animal by your side from high school and college and then through married life and the birth of your first child is an incredible journey.  A journey where an immense love and bond blossoms. So it was a sad day when that loving and always-smiling pomeranian passed away.  We were simply heartbroken.

Thor you will be missed little buddy.

Thor pomeranian

Nonetheless, life goes on.  We must muster up the courage to go on and remember all the positive things that came from such a long and beautiful relationship between a man and his dog.  And for that matter, remember the positive that comes from any life we had the fortune of sharing in.

man and dog bonding

In this new year, my hope is that we embrace it with open arms and make the best of each memory to come, remembering the impact and the lessons each life can teach us, no matter how small.

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  1. So sorry for the loss of your dog :(


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