3 Easy Tips for a No-Fuss Baby Registry

baby registryWhen I was planning my wedding two and a half years ago, I never thought anything could be more daunting than creating a wedding registry…until I was tasked with creating a BABY registry! Wow! To sort through hundreds of baby products to find the most affordable, recommended and brand-worthy items for your new creature! Overwhelming!

Searching for tips to get started online, can only lead to more frustration, as the general “advice” offered often includes a useless list of the obvious: start early, think about your needs, do research, use a checklist! Well DUH!  What us first-time mothers really want to know, is what items are a must and which brands are the most recommended!

To make my search a little less baffling, I started using the checklist that sites like BabiesRUs and BuyBuyBaby offer when you first create a registry.  They are helpful in that they highlight the categories you should pay attention to, from feeding and bathing, to furniture and toys.  Although this doesn’t solve every issue, it at least helps you start breaking things up into manageable areas.

Next, I think it’s key to then browse through the various products in a category, taking into account customer reviews and ratings.  Reviews provide specific details and insights into why one brand is superior to another (if you are still on the fence between two items just “Google” the name and see what results come up).

Finally, another helpful tip to get your registry going, is to simply go with word of mouth. Ask friends and family members what products they found extremely helpful in caring for baby and what items you could do without.  This not only includes talking to those you know, but also includes asking questions on social networks and mommy blog communities who have tons of stories and experiences to share.  More than likely, people will be happy to provide some advice.

Remember, after browsing for items online to get feedback, it’s also important to see what the items actually look like, feel like and how they function in the store!

Now, it’s time I take my own advice and finally get my baby registry going ;)!!!


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