Surviving Cold & Flu Season with Toddlers

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It’s one thing to be sick in bed with the flu virus…but it’s a whole other story to be fighting the flu at 7.5 months pregnant while your two little boys are also exhibiting those telltale flu symptoms at the same time. But that’s exactly the predicament we found ourselves in last month. Running to and from the bathroom day and night. Cleaning up all sorts of messes around the house and trying to get the kids to stay hydrated. Because a mother’s biggest concern is making sure her children are strong enough to fight off the terrible illness to get better.

Nothing's worse than a kid with a cold or flu! Learn how hydration can help your sick toddler  recover faster this winter!

Effects of the Flu Virus in Toddlers

Both my preschooler and toddler were hit quite hard. My preschooler rejected every little bit of crackers and soup I placed before him. He was barely drinking as well. In fact, all he wanted to do was sleep.

My toddler was no different. I could see how pale and lethargic he became as his body was put on overdrive to fight the virus. He became extremely clingy and didn’t want anything to eat or drink other than a few sips of water.

It’s no doubt I became increasingly concerned as I noticed how much weight they lost in a matter of days. While that worried me, I knew their appetite would surely return once they started to recover, so had to focus on keeping them hydrated.

How Pedialyte Helps to Hydrate

Of course, that’s when Pedialyte came to mind. I was feeling terrible myself and couldn’t make it out with two sick kids, so enlisted the help of my in-laws to pick up a couple of bottles for me.

It was just what we all needed.

One reason I always choose Pedialyte when it comes to keeping our sick kids hydrated is due to the electrolytes it replenishes. Pedialyte works to restore the body’s potassium, sodium and chloride minerals that are often lost from dehydration. It also contains the optimal balance of sugar and sodium to prevent further dehydration as the vomiting and diarrhea strike.

Pedialyte drink helps hydrates kids to alleviate flu symptoms.

And it’s a good thing that there are a variety of flavors to choose from, because once I fill up their sippy cups, my kids just think it’s another one of their favorite juices — except without all the added sugar.

To make sure your kids keep drinking to stay hydrated, I recommend three simple steps:

Choose flavors they like. 

This may seem obvious, but if your child typically drinks fruit punch, make sure to grab a Pedialyte flavor like cherry punch or strawberry so they aren’t turned off immediately by a new flavor. For infants, the unflavored type is probably best.

Monitor how quickly they drink. 

While I was on the lookout to refill cups so that my kids always had something to reach for when thirsty, I also had to limit the amount of drinks I was pouring into their cups. I learned the hard way that drinking too fast on an empty stomach doesn’t quite work and may actually contribute to more vomiting.

So keep an eye on how much your child is drinking. It helps to pour a few ounces at a time so they can fill up on all those electrolytes at a healthy pace.

Keep track of wet diapers & potty usage

One of the biggest indicators of a hydrated child, can be determined by how often they are going to the bathroom. For infants and toddlers, you’ll want to make sure they have a wet diaper every few hours or that they are using the potty during the day. Obviously, frequency may be less while sick, but ensuring kids are at least going a few times a day will help you know whether or not they are hydrated.

Prevent the Virus from Spreading

Once your little ones are well-hydrated and on their way to recover, you want to be sure you’re preventing those germs from spreading to other members of the family. Because it can become extremely overwhelming when everyone in the house is sick at the same time. BELIEVE ME.

It may seem like an impossible task, but simple things like frequent hand-washing and using disinfectants to clean door handles, tables and faucets can at least buy you some time and stop the domino-effect.

Where to Find Pedialyte & How to Save

It’s been quite a rough flu and cold season, with weakened immune systems making kids even more susceptible to catch another virus going around. So during our latest Walmart trip, I made sure to stock up!

While Walmart always has affordable prices, you can save even more by clicking this Ibotta offer below:

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Pedialyte can typically be found amongst other baby items and snacks in the Baby Section, although some stores carry supplies up front, behind the register so be sure to ask a store rep for assistance.

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  1. It must not be easy to be pregnant and sick and have the other little ones sick as well. I agree with you that making sure they’re hydrated should be of prime importance. Of course, the nights are a different story especially when they have difficulty breathing. Ifind that using vicks vapor rub on their feet helps a great deal with making them sleep better.
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