The Absolute Best Swim Floats for Little Kids

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Did you know that according to the CDC, children ages 1-4 have the highest rates of drowning compared to all age groups? It’s an especially frightening statistic for moms of toddlers and babies to face.

That’s why whether we’re heading to the pool, lake or beach, the last thing I want to find is that we just don’t have the proper swimming gear or flotation devices to make our little ones feel safe in the water. There are so many different types of swim aids to choose from, it’s often overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve had the opportunity to try out a few and wanted to share our favorite swim floats to keep little kids safe. These floats are ideal for babies, toddlers and preschoolers as they learn to become at ease with the water and prepare to learn how to swim.

Best Swim Floats for Little Kids

Teaching kids to swim this summer? Keep them safe at the pool with these swim floats - best for babies and toddlers!

SwimWays Baby Spring Float

SwimWays is the first brand I would turn to if you are a mom of a baby or tot learning to get comfortable with the water. The SwimWays Baby Float is ideal for babies age 9-24 months. We used this float with our oldest son when we started to introduce him to the pool. It was a great way for him to “get his feet wet” and learn to kick and navigate water from a safe and secure place.

The Spring Float was actually the first float many of our friends and family would also turn to when helping little ones who didn’t yet know how to swim, feel comfortable in a bigger pool. Here’s the bright pink and orange one our family loved using in the pool last summer (the arm floaties and goggles were just added upon kid request ;)!

swimways baby float

The SwimWays float is comprised of a soft mesh seat with a lower center of gravity, safety valves and separate air champers to ensure your child’s security. Your child simply steps into the float and “wears it” around their waist and the float does the rest. There is also a detachable canopy to offer plenty of shade on those super sunny days.

toddler float

While nothing can replace supervision when a child is in or near water, SwimWays is a brand parents can trust with over 40 years experience. They offer an array of products and a Swim Steps program to help kids practice water safety.

The float is at the top of our list because it’s a great starting point for first-time swimmers and babies and means less worries at the pool and more time spent enjoying the summer!

It has been our go-to pick for helping our kids learning to swim and we’ll continue using it to help introduce our baby to the water later this summer as he watches his older two brothers splashing about!

You can find the Spring Float at Toys R Us stores.

Swim Trainer

This is another favorite swim aid of ours, especially as a child grows into a toddler and more confident swimmer.

The Swim Trainer is a 2-in-1 flotation device: both a chest flotation and arm band float that provides added support and security for beginner swimmers. As your child’s skills improve, they can even detach the water wings to use alone in the water!

This float is specially designed with versatility in mind: it provides balanced flotation for chest and arms and helps keep kids comfortable.

There are a number of kid-friendly characters to choose from like this Finding Dory version below.Swim Trainer Kid Floatpuddle jumper

Life Jacket & Swim Vests

As your child grows older and begins to master swimming skills, it doesn’t hurt to add some extra safety measures when at the beach, lake or deep end of the swimming pool. That’s where swim vests or life jackets are extra helpful.

They keep your child buoyant and safe in the water as they continue to learn to swim. Simply use the zipper or buckle to secure in place and your child is good to go.

Many vests like this one below, even include SPF for that added level of protection.

swim vest

A great choice for children age 4 year olds.

Make sure to check out all of these swimming floats as you continue to play outdoors and explore the pool this summer with all your little ones!

Learn more about the awesome array of SwimWays products and swimming support here.

How do you plan on helping your baby or toddler adjust to the water this summer?

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