The Best Gift Ideas for the Expectant or New Mom

I’ve been pregnant each time during the holidays and know there were a few amazing mom-to-be gifts I received that were definitely useful with a growing belly and changing hormones (and gifts that saved me from having to purchase or add to a baby registry).

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In fact, there were some must-have pregnancy products that made a huge difference in my coping mechanisms and comfort level during the holidays.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pregnancy products you can rest assured your expectant friend will love!

Gift ideas for an expectant or new mom. Find an array of unique pregnancy gifts she will love, whether for Christmas or baby shower.This post may contain affiliate links

Comfortable gifts for expectant moms

To start with, you want to choose gifts that will provide extra comfort and pain relief for the pregnant body…because anyone who’s pregnant will tell you, things are shifting around and more pressure is being added to your hips, spine and joints. So items that will help the body relax are key — think pillows, back support or comfortable footwear! I LOVED my Snoogle body pillow which made sleeping much more barely. I also found this chair cushion to work wonders for helping to support my backbone while spending long hours sitting in a chair. I also found comfy shoes like Aerosoles to be Godsent!

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Natural Skincare Gift Ideas for Mom-to-Be

Along with comfort, comes enhancing that natural pregnancy-glow that many expectant moms experience. Because things can get a little ugly before the pretty surfaces — think dry, stretching and extra sensitive skin — a few of the many pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy indeed! I certainly had my fair share of dry eczema-type skin conditions where my hands and legs were dry and scaly, and even my chapped, cracked lips felt the effects.

It’s also super important to go the natural route when treating pregnancy skin because of the precious cargo moms carry. Because if you didn’t know, many over the counter products can contain harsh chemicals not-so-safe for baby, that can get into the bloodstream.

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Some great skincare options include organic lotions and lip balms this one is seriously my ALL-TIME favorite! (And try to avoid perfumes because many can lead to more nausea and we all know that’s the last thing your pregnant friend needs!

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Maternity Clothes Gift Ideas

Of course, I had to include a few of my favorite maternity clothes here. Again, it’s pretty much all about comfort. When I was pregnant, I tried to hold off as long as I could on buying new clothes. Maternity wear isn’t always cheap, but there were definitely a few maternity pieces worth purchasing. Leggings, stretch pants and nursing bras that you could sleep in topped the list.

Your mom-to-be can always use a few of these – just be sure to note what trimester she is in or simply buy for the third trimester so she will definitely have a chance to wear!

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Unique Pregnancy Gifts

And finally, if you’re looking to buy something a little more unique for your pregnant friend, how about a special frame to showcase that growing bundle of joy, a journal for recording baby milestones or a hilarious tell-all book to help mommy get through baby’s first year? So many great gifts, it’s hard to choose!

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