The Conversation That Matters Most in Motherhood

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Motherhood has a way of filling you with the most abundant joy and love imaginable. You are overflowing with emotions after bringing a beautiful new life into the world and ready to do anything and everything possible for them.

I adore my children with all my heart. My two lovable rambunctious little boys who are always testing the limits…and teaching me so much about motherhood in the process.

The Conversation That Matters Most in Motherhood: Being a mom to little ones is not easy. You may second guess yourself and be your biggest critic. Remember what matters most.But there are moments when it can also be extremely overwhelming, leaving you feeling broken and defeated, especially after a bad day or two.

As your new little bundle of joy grows from infant to toddler, life can become a little complicated, each day bringing new challenges to face.

Yelling. Cleaning. Chasing. Disciplining.

This can become the norm for moms of babies and toddlers who are exhaustedly changing diapers and blowouts, breaking up scuffles and reprimanding demanding toddlers who are at the stage of asserting their independence.

Maybe you yelled a little too much today. Maybe you didn’t react as calmly as you knew you should have. Maybe you were just on edge all day and letting every little thing get to you.

It happens and can sometimes take that inner conversation we have with ourselves to a very negative place. Because we fill like we’ve failed in many ways.

Changing the Conversation

But now with another one on the way, I can’t help but be a little emotional and think about the conversation that would take place between me and my newest little boy upon our first meeting.

Just the precious look in his eyes would be enough to remind me that one bad day doesn’t make me a bad mother.

He would remind me that it’s not an easy task we are set out to do, especially moms of babies and toddlers.

There will be days when I won’t have the energy for giving the kids a bath, even though they desperately need one. 

There will be days when I’ll just have to let the baby cry-it out to finish a meal or get a moment to myself.

There will be days when letting the kids watch TV for more than an hour will be necessary for sanity’s sake.

And there will be days when crying my eyes out will be the only way to relieve the stress.

And my baby will remind me, that it’s okay. As long as I remember that it’s only a day, a week, a month…or even a year.

A moment in time that will not last forever, so don’t worry!

What will last forever, are those moments of happiness and laughter we share and cherish in our hearts…from the first smile and step to the first time on the potty and positive play date! Those are the moments that matter most and that we should put our energy into.

My precious baby will help change the conversation I have in my head and remind me to stop being so hard on myself. And this is really the conversation that matters most in motherhood.

Life Can Get a Little Messy

And let’s face reality. With tushies to wipe and blowouts that happen, motherhood is bound to get messy and be a little stressful at times. So why not embrace it and be prepared?

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What It Means to be a WaterWipes Moms

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Because as moms we all want the best for our babies. Even though we may be a little too hard on ourselves for not always getting everything right, a WaterWipes mom just wants the best for her little ones. waterwipes review

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  1. Thanks for sharing something so meaningful and true. Very good read.

  2. Aww what a sweet post! I love it. So true, “one bad day does not make us a bad mom.”
    Joanna recently posted…Review of the NewAir-AW-211ED 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine CoolerMy Profile

  3. I have bad mornings sometimes with the kids.. my daughter doesnt even realize but I will always take a moment to apologize to my son once I realize I was a little short tempered.
    Lauren recently posted…More ME in 2016My Profile

  4. Motherhood is hard but, like you pointed out, remembering the good times and the firsts are what make it such an amazing thing.
    I haven’t heard of water wipes before but they sound like something I will have to look into.
    Rebekah @ Surviving Toddlerhood recently posted…Our Life Lately {2 Months Postpartum}My Profile

  5. I haven’t tried Water Wipes but, I know someone having a baby. If we see them I’ll check them out. Glad those days are over for me. Now juggling teenage hood. Happy holidays!!
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted…Prepping for the Holidays (with Free Holiday Organization Printables!)My Profile

  6. I’d never heard of these wipes. They sound great!

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s really just one moment!
    Stefanie / The Monarch Mommy recently posted…Advent Calendar Fun!My Profile

  7. amy tolley says:

    Such a great post thanks for sharing great meaning…

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