16 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives {Free Printable}

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I remember when I was first pregnant and planning out all the things we needed to do in preparation for the arrival of our first bundle of joy. I knew I had to stock up on essential items like baby clothes, diapers, bottles etc. As a new mom, I was focusing on all the specific items baby needed…unfortunately I never really gave much thought to all those things I needed to do while I had the extra time!

Because fast-forward two years later: I am a mom to a two year-old toddler and 5 month-old baby, with a messy house and ever-growing to do list that there never seems to be enough time for.

So if you are a mom-to-be experiencing a little bit of pregnancy-brain, keep this printable list handy to remind you of all those things you need to tackle before baby arrives…for your personal sanity!

checklist for baby's arrivalClick HERE to download the PDF version of the printable.

1. Finish the Nursery

For starters, be sure you have baby’s room all ready. This includes a crib or bassinet assembled, a fully-stocked changing area and any and all painting finished.

2. Install the Car Seat

You won’t be able to take baby home without a car seat. Make sure you have taken it out of the box in advance and have installed it correctly — because believe it or not about 73% of car seats are NOT installed properly according to SafeKids.org.

3. Pack a Hospital Bag

Although most newborns make it to the full-term mark, you never know when baby will actually make his or her debut. Having your hospital bag prepared several weeks in advance helps reduce last minute jitters. If you need some tips on packing a bag, you can check out how I prepared.

4. Sanitize Bottles or Nursing Pump

It may sound basic, but making sure those bottles and breast pump attachments are clean and ready to go is crucial considering you won’t have much time to spend unpacking or washing and drying things later.

5. Send Thank You Cards

If you’ve celebrated a baby shower or have received gifts from loved ones, make the effort to try and send out all your thank you cards as soon as you can. I thought I’d have plenty of time for this but ended up sending the remaining half of my cards while baby slept…and missed out on my own naps!

6. Prepare Birth Announcements

I know what your’e thinking. Birth announcements before baby?! Yes! Spend time browsing TinyPrints.com or Shutterfly.com to bookmark your favorite card style. Then once baby arrives, all you have to do is insert a photo and customize details.

7. Baby-Proof

Although baby won’t be running around just yet, he or she will be rolling over and reaching for things in no time. Examine baby’s nursery and play areas to ensure whatever’s in reach is safe. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to start baby-proofing table corners and cabinets early.

8. Wash Baby Clothes

Most people focus on washing newborn size clothing and blankets but hold off on the bigger outfits. Remember that babies grow at different rates and yours could be wearing the 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothing before you know it! Have a few options ready to go!

9. Freeze Meals

Who has time to cook after a long day and little to no-sleep? Not a new mom. Freeze your meals in advance so that come dinner time all you have to do is reheat!

10. Clean the House

Things will get a little messy with a new baby. You’ll be knee-deep in laundry loads and dishes. Organizing closets and dusting corners now, will make things a little less stressful later.

11. Go on a Date

This is simple. Go out to dinner. Watch that movie. Visit those friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Go on as many dates as you can with your partner because date night will be tough to keep, those first few months with a newborn.

12. Pay Bills

Scheduling payments ahead of time, just gives you one less thing to worry about when baby arrives.

13. Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, facial and massage now. You don’t know how long it will be until you are able to make time for yourself later.

14. Travel

As long as you aren’t in your third trimester, take advantage and book a “babymoon.” While traveling with little ones is possible, it sure is a lot easier when you don’t have kids tugging at your leg while you try to unwind.

15. Tackle Any Unfinished Projects

Now’s the time to finish that DIY project you’ve been putting aside for months. If it’s a project you can’t do alone, enlist help from your partner.

16. Sleep

Yep, you read that right! Sleep is something most people won’t ever really give much thought to until they lack it. Now is the time to catch up on all the sleep you can, because once baby arrives “sleeping in” will be in sweet distant memory.

I hope this checklist will bring a little peace of mind as you prepare for the big day!!

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  1. These are all terrific suggestions Ana. I remember the stressful weeks leading up to the birth of your baby. I was so scared I would forget to do something important. I love that you offer a printable to help new Moms! 🙂
    Nicole recently posted…Green Scene Mom AwardMy Profile

  2. Definitely catch up on sleep while you can! My friend just gave birth – she could have used this. Next time… 😉
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted…Simple Apple WeavingMy Profile

  3. My last baby was 8 years ago. This is a perfect list for expecting mothers, especially the “pamper yourself part”.
    Tamara recently posted…Keeping Your Kids in Affordable, Yet Stylish ClothesMy Profile

  4. SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP! haha. I know a lot of pregnant ladies have a difficult time sleeping, but if you can definitely do that. It was a year before I got any type of decent sleep after my son was born. I also recommend going to the movies a lot. It is really difficult to get out and go see a movie after the baby is born. Also, go to plenty of fancy date nights! Great list!
    Tricia the Good Mama recently posted…Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce, Sausage and SpinachMy Profile

  5. I remember the last weeks before my son was born I had this huge nesting crazyness going on. And all I could do was crochet, lol. I did some bags and tablets and I don’t even remember what else. But it was all that I cold do, literally 🙂

  6. what great tips, I wish i knew this when I had my daughter, 11 long years ago
    Terri recently posted…Fall is hereMy Profile


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