Top Reasons You Need a Baby Carrier with Your Second Child

As a first-time mom you’re bombarded with must-have baby products…many of which you never really end up using. When it’s just mama and baby, while tough, life is certainly more manageable than when you have a toddler to chase after on top of caring for your infant.

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But as a second-time mom some baby products REALLY do make a huge difference. One of those products? A baby carrier or wrap.

Are you a mom to a baby and toddler? Then add a baby carrier or wrap to your must-have baby items - for your sanity and baby's!There will come a period when you have to balance your time between two kids – for making meals, soothing a cranky baby or attending to your toddler. Wearing your baby makes all your daily to-dos more manageable.

Here are the top reasons babywearing is a MUST when you have a baby and toddler to care for:

First things first. The underlying theme to every reason you should wear your baby, especially when you have another child to look after, is for the convenience and freedom it allows.

Isn’t it much easier to prepare a snack, take a walk with your toddler or simply tackle some chores around the house when you have two hands? Well one of the biggest advantages of using a carrier is the hands-free aspect. There’s no more need to feel like you can’t get anything done with small children when your hands are free to multitask!

Wearing Baby Makes It Easier to Run Errands with Two Kids

Want to get out of the house for some fresh air with two kids in tow? Whether that means heading down to the park or simply down the street, wearing your baby so that you’re hands-free can help simplify an otherwise hectic day. You can finally take a second to enjoy the day, push your toddler on the swing or follow  your kid around without the worry of lugging a stroller back and forth. (This is especially true when you have a toddler who has a ton of energy like mine and just need to hold their hand a bit more!)

And if you need to run to the grocery store, a baby wrap can make a HUGE difference. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to wrangle two kids in my arms when on came a tantrum or there wasn’t enough room in the shopping cart. Plus, with more room in the cart for your toddler, there’s also more room for groceries.

Wearing Baby Makes It Easier for Mom to Prepare Meals for Family

It makes a HUGE difference when you have TWO hands available to prepare a snack or meal for you and the kids. Trust me, there’s no need to stress or skimp on meals because one kids needs your immediate attention. When you have your baby close by, while your hands are free you can multitask with ease.

Sure a playpen or rocker may seem to work too, but now there’s no need to stop every few minutes to check on that little one if they are heart-to-heart and at ease.

Wearing Baby Makes Traveling Less Stressful with Two Kids

Planning a family trip? Then theres no better reason to keep a baby carrier handy! Whether you’re flying with baby or taking a road trip, the convenience of wearing your baby means you now have the freedom to go sight seeing and exploring all those tourist attractions.

And while a stroller is also great to have with two children, a baby carrier is a heck of a lot less bulky and makes it much easier to feed and soothe baby on demand, while you give your older child all the attention he or she craves.

Wearing Baby Means You Can Get Some Chores Done

It’s no doubt that having small children in the house makes it that much harder to keep an immaculate-looking home. Every time you turn your back, there’s either spilt milk or cheerios on the ground with a new pile of Legos and crayons scattered about. That’s how kids work and that’s the reality.

This is where having a baby carrier or sling can help mommy get some things done around the house in stages. I’m not saying you will now have all the time in the world to clean — because that will never be true — but wearing your baby at least provides the convenience to tackle a few things here and there when time permits.

Note: If you’re specifically interested in baby carriers for plus sizes you have a wide array to choose from too!

A Baby Wrap Worth Trying

With all the wonderful benefits of baby wearing, we had the opportunity to try out one very new baby carrier to hit the markets: the Wrapy®!

The Wrapy is a baby sling that offers outstanding comfort for both mommy and baby. The extra wide material, made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, enables moms to securely wrap baby in various positions.

And unlike similar products, the Wrapy can be washed many times without all the wear and tear that comes with frequent washes.

We also love that it is one size to fit baby from infancy through toddlerhood!

You can read reviews and BUY one here!

If you’re a mom of a baby and toddler, a baby wrap, carrier or sling like this one is definitely something you’ll want to invest in, for your sanity and baby’s security!!

wrapy baby carrier

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Disclosure: I received a Wrapy sample for writing this post, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I agree! Baby wearing with the second is a must. And, with both of my boys, I was always so amazed at how great it was to feel like we just fit together like puzzle pieces!
    Karen Patten recently posted…Why I Won’t Teach My Child Racial ToleranceMy Profile

  2. I like the Extra wide fabric.

  3. rachel jenkins says:

    I would love to win because i am 5 months pregnant and i over used my old wrap and had to toss it out. Would love to win a new one for baby girl!!

  4. Ashley H says:

    My first hated being worn but I think I just didn’t have the right carrier for him. He’s 2 now and extremely active so baby due in a few weeks is going to have to be worn so I can keep up 🙂

  5. Alexia Seerey says:

    I would like to win one, as this time I want to try a soft wrap rather than my Boba carrier (which I love anyways) just for something lighter for the summer. Baby #2 due in May!

  6. Lauren HM says:

    I would love to win it for myself

  7. H T Boland says:

    I don’t have a wrap but would love to try one. It would be great to carry my 9mth old so I can keep up with my 3& 5 yr old kids.

  8. When my oldest was young my husband and I traded carrying responsibilities so we never felt like we needed a carrier. Now that we have a newborn, though, that was one of the first things we bought. I can definitely say that this article is on the nose! Best thing we’ve ever bought.

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