Winter Art: Tape-Resist Snowflake Painting

If you’ve been stuck indoors for the last few weeks due to frigid temperatures or sicknesses that run prevalent this time of year, you’ll love this easy winter art craft for the kids.

It makes a beautiful wintery wonderland painting to add to your list of indoor activities when you just can’t get outside.

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Cold weather got you stuck indoors again? Have your toddler try tape-resist painting for an easy winter art activity they'll love!This post may contain affiliate links.

We loved creating a super easy icicle craft and snow sensory bin, and knew this snowflake art craft a friend mentioned was a must to add to our list!

Tape-Resist Winter Painting for Toddlers


Start by cutting up pieces of painter’s tape and using them to create snowflakes of various sizes. You don’t have to cut perfect little strips — in fact the different sizes will create a nice contrast in the painting.

tape resist

We added a wintery tree along with the snowflakes for a more realistic scene.

Once ready, grab blue and white washable paints. We used various shades of blue and mixed with white for a nice overall color.

Let your kids go at it anyway they like. Younger kids and toddlers may want to use their hands to paint and older children and preschoolers may like to use various types of paint brushes.

winter painting for toddlers

The great part about this tape-resist kid’s craft is that anything goes — the tape barrier makes it easy to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Let the paint dry overnight and carefully remove the tape to reveal a glorious winter scene to add to your kid’s art collection!Winter Art for Toddlers

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