The Breastfeeding Anthology for Mom

Wondering what breastfeeding is really like?

Find out what a day in the life of a breastfeeding mother entails from fellow nursing moms sharing the realities of the journey.

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Feeling alone in your breastfeeding struggles?

The list is ever growing...

Low milk supply... 

Painful feedings... 

Pressure to nurse...

Pumping overwhelm... 

Fear to nurse in public...

No time for self-care...

Feeling inadequate...

Searching for support... 

Completely overwhelmed...


Is this you too?

Find the encouragement you seek from breastfeeding moms who've experienced it all...


The truth of the matter was...It just takes time to adjust to breastfeeding.


No One Told Me How Much Breastfeeding Would Hurt


Breast milk really is liquid gold, but formula is golden too.

Andrea M.

Pumping in the NICU: Liquid Gold or Liquid Guilt


We are all doing the very best we can. It took me a long time to not have a feeling of failure about nursing.

Kate D.

Your Breastfeeding Was Enough

Read the stories of 16 women going through the same struggles and more, in the breastfeeding anthology, "Breastfeeding Our Babies." From nursing and pumping moms who share journeys of hope, triumph and the hard realities of providing baby with breast milk.

The Breastfeeding Anthology Includes:

  • Real, inspiring and heart-warming stories
  • From mothers who nursed exclusively, pumped or supplemented
  • For moms seeking a supportive experience to know they are not alone
  • To reveal the realities of breastfeeding
  • And encourage and support you along the breastfeeding journey, for however long you choose
breastfeeding book cover

*This is a digital ebook which you will receive a downloadable link to via email.

Because you are NOT alone.

Click below to experience the raw emotions in these stories that will touch your heart from moms who have gone before give you strength to carry on!

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