Breastfeeding Our Babies

Do you ever feel alone in your breastfeeding struggles?

Low milk supply. Painful feedings. Pressure to nurse.

Pumping overwhelm. Fear to nurse in public.

No time for self-care. Feeling inadequate.

Searching for support. Completely overwhelmed.

These are REAL issues many moms face.

Read the stories of women going through the same struggles and more in the Breastfeeding Anthology where nursing and pumping moms share journeys of hope, triumph and the hard realities of providing baby with breast milk.

A Breastfeeding Haven for Moms

Find the support you need, in these true stories from breastfeeding moms who've experienced it all!

  • 16 real, inspiring and heart-warming stories
  • For moms looking to validate their feelings
  • To inspire, encourage and make you laugh
  • From mothers who nursed exclusively, pumped or supplemented

Click below to get the stories that will touch your heart and give you strength to carry on!


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