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#1 Secret to a Healthy Pregnancy

(EVEN IF, you struggle with healthy choices!)

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Understand 3 BIG MISTAKES women make during prenatal care, with tips to AVOID them to take control of you pregnancy health, EVEN IF you struggle with healthy living!

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What You'll Learn in this FREE WORKSHOP:

Here's what we'll cover in the 4-part healthy pregnancy video workshop:

  • Nutrition & Eating for Two 
  • Your approach: Winging It 
  • What's Missing from Dr. Visits
  • Importance of Pregnancy Self-Care


How "eating for two" really works

Learn how the popular idea of eating for mommy plus baby can both help AND really harm you!


Why "winging it" is risky behavior

Taking your pregnancy a day at a time is fine, but see why the do-it-yourself approach often fails to produce optimal results.


What your dr. does NOT tell you

Think you'll get all you need to know from your prenatal visits? Think again! Find out what your dr. isn't sharing.


Why pregnancy self-care matters

Learn why taking care of yourself throughout pregnancy goes beyond just visits and vitamins!

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