An on-demand, self-care course and action plan for the worried mom of little ones

Are you ready to overcome your worries and enjoy the present moment with your children?

Do you worry about your babies and motherhood expectations ALL the time?

As a mom of babies and toddlers, it's normal to experience daily worries when it comes to our children's well-being. The problem begins when we can't differentiate between essential and non-essential worry, and we find ourselves overwhelmed by the weight of motherhood.

Motherhood was meant to be enjoyed!

As baby's protector, guardian and advocate it is your job to care for baby. But it does not mean you should only worry about baby and forget to take care of yourself.

That's Why I Created, Taking Care of Mommy

A self-care course to dig deeper into your worries as a mom -- to understand the real reason you worry and develop a plan of action to address those worries and stop living in anxiety.

Understand your needs as a mom of little ones

Moms of little ones have a lot of mental and physical needs that are often neglected. Discover the keys to your well-being.

Get to the ROOT of your worries

Beyond the everyday worries, there is something at the core of all mom worries. Dig deep to unravel the real reasons.

Learn to stand up for things that truly concern you

As a mom, you know your child best. Learn to allay fears and build confidence in communicating your concerns.

Find strategies to cope with your non-essential worries

When worry becomes anxiety, it can contribute to many issues. Learn strategies to stop distorting your thoughts and look at them in a new light.

"The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one." - Jodi Picoult

What would it mean to you, to be able to take just one step closer to being a calm, confident, problem-solving mom?

How to identify rational vs. irrational worries

How to determine if you worry too much

Getting to the root of your particular mom worries

Uncovering unrealistic expectations

Learning to stand up for your valid worries

How to prioritize your self-care routine

Taking Care of Mommy

A course for the worried mom of, babies, toddlers or both, who just wants to keep her children safe and not have to carry the load of motherhood alone.

On-demand video course + 17 page workbook


I'm a worried mom of three and the Founder of the early motherhood site, MommysBundle.com, where I support thousands of women each month with resources to help them through the chaos of early motherhood. I hope you will join us here to learn ways to reduce those worries and enjoy more time in the present with your children.