Postpartum is the biggest transition a new mom makes.



A postpartum recovery COURSE for new or expecting moms.

Do you have a plan for surviving the postpartum time at home?

Who will care for you physically during your early recovery...

Who can provide emotional support...

How you will balance all the new expectations while your body heals...

How you will manage the sleepless nights...

AND how you will do it during a pandemic??

No one talks about postpartum.

Rarely do we hear our mothers, our sisters or even our doctors talk about the recovery period after birth. It's time to change that.

87% to 94% of women report at least one health problem within the first 12 weeks after birth*

15 to 20% of new mothers experience significant symptoms of depression or anxiety.

But most women only get ONE postpartum visit.

That's Why I Created, The Postpartum Difference

A postpartum recovery foundation course to educate new moms about the biggest transition of their lives. 

Because a little preparation can make all the difference.

Physical Recovery

Whether it's the first few days in the hospital or the weeks at home,  get a clearer view of your recovery timeline.

Emotional & Mental Health

Learn to manage motherhood ups and downs and separate normal emotions from the abnormal ones requiring intervention.

Balancing Relationships

Balance parenting roles with your partner, and find time to care for both yourself and baby.

Support System

Use strategies to build your circles to provide essential physical and emotional support beyond 6 weeks.

"The moment a child is born, a mother is also born." - Rajneesh

What would it mean to you, if you went into the postpartum time without fear of the unknown?

Prepared to manage the physical and emotional changes.

Not afraid to talk about the overwhelm and struggles you feel.

Able to spend more time enjoying your baby, making time for yourself and letting go of societal expectations?


for the new or expecting mom, unsure where to start prepping for the motherhood transition.

On-demand video course


Hi! I'm Ana, a mom to three, and maternal health advocate! My passion for supporting new moms started 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby and founded the early motherhood site, Mommy's Bundle. The many stories of struggling mothers I heard, and the lack of support available to them inspired me to create accessible resources to help improve maternal health outcomes.

B.A. Psychology

CAPD Candidate