Dinosaur Swamp Sensory Bin Activity

dinosaur sensory activity

There are a few things my 2 year-old son can't get enough of: dinosaurs and playing outdoors.  Seriously.  Dinosaurs are a big deal to him, so I wanted to find an easy activity that involved these very two things to keep him occupied. And because we've been all over sensory play lately, I decided to take some inspiration from a dino lagoon idea I found and create our very own dino sensory activity using a few simple items we had in the yard and house. Here's what we used A handful of small plastic dinosaurs Small/medium size storage bin Few cups of water Green food … [Read more...]

Sparkler-Inspired 4th of July Craft

4th of july craft

Although I don't really consider myself a crafty person, I couldn't resist the urge to take a stab at a DIY project with my 2 year-old, especially as the 4th of July draws nearer. He's been all over arts and crafts ever since we enrolled him in a toddler program for a few weeks. We didn't have much of an art supply in stock but I decided to just go with it and experiment with whatever we could use.  (You should do the same if your kid has the urge to try something new...all it takes is a little creativity!) I really wanted to make use of all those left-over paper towel rolls lying … [Read more...]

Cool Off This Summer With A Margarita {Giveaway}


Now that the much-anticipated summer weather is here, most of us are looking for a way to cool off and survive the recent heat-waves hitting the country. So why not opt for a refreshing homemade margarita?? Ahh, yes. Just the sound of an ice-cold drink can drift you off to paradise.  Well, I'm SO excited to join a great group of bloggers to bring you this special Margaritaville giveaway! Why You Need One In just one touch, the fully automatic Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker dispenses perfectly mixed drinks from Hurricane Punch to a Tropical Ritas. Simply choose a drink by making … [Read more...]

Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set {Review + Giveaway}

fish swoosh review & giveaway

After seeing how much fun my toddler had with the bath tub foam letters and numbers, I figured it was only fitting to keep with the bath theme and do a review of Nuby's Fish Swoosh Play Set this time. Thank you to Nuby for providing the product to review. The Product The Fish Swoosh™ is a another interactive bath time toy that provides endless fun in the tub for ages 18+. Essentially, this toy makes for a very fun game of basketball to help develop and improve your child’s motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. It consists of three brightly colored fish balls, a net and sturdy … [Read more...]

Celebrating Fútbol with Pampers & Family {Giveaway}


Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers. All opinions are 100% mine. As a mom of boys, and wife to an avid sports fan and former athlete, I know how big a role sports will undoubtedly play in our lives.  My husband is always tuning in to watch his favorite teams go at it throughout the year -- I tell you, he even manages a fantasy football group!  He and our toddler, Chili, can spend hours in the yard running around, wrestling and taking turns throwing and kicking balls.  Our newest little bundle of joy is also proving to be an … [Read more...]

How to Clear Baby’s Congested Nose {Baby Comfy Nose}

baby comfy product

Anyone with a sick baby can tell you how frustrating it is to clear a stuffed or congested nose.  When cold season rushes in you arm yourself with an arsenal of tactics to fight the infection...tactics that aren't always effective. And then you see this...the Baby Comfy Nose...a product that may seem somewhat crude upon first presentation, but one that actually uses the suction power of your own lungs to suck out all those little boogers that have prevented your baby from breathing comfortably. So like any mother looking to find an effective treatment for her congested baby, I gave … [Read more...]

Fun for Kids: Blast Zone Magic Castle Bouncer {Giveaway}

bouncer giveaway

Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained for hours this summer? This Blast Zone Magic Castle Bouncer (~ $349.99 ARV) may be just what the doctor prescribed! The Magic Castle is one of THE most popular bounce houses around. This bigger, improved version of the classic Blast Zone castle blows up in seconds, and holds up to 3 kids or 300 pounds of little party-hoppers. There is a “Safe Slope” Slide which provides safe, easy access, and the surrounding netting and Velcro entrance will keep kids safe while they bounce around. The extra-durable commercial vinyl floor, and reinforced … [Read more...]

3 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Pregnancy

3 pregnancy

When you're newly pregnant or just thinking about conceiving, a flood of what you can expect comes to mind. You know what I'm talking about.  The nausea, the cravings, the urge to pee periodically in the middle of the night.  Standard pregnancy "symptoms" that you try to prepare yourself for. But some things may never reach your ears, until you experience them first-hand.  Maybe because they don't always occur to EVERY pregnant woman, or maybe they just seem to slip under the radar. And maybe knowing them wouldn't have made things any easier, but I personally would have at least been able … [Read more...]

Welcome New Baby!

pic logo

If you are a returning visitor following any of my pregnancy tips or must-have posts, you are probably wondering where is baby?! Well as you may know, those first few weeks are quite demanding; I've simply been dutifully fulfilling that motherly role as I slowly work myself back into this one too! So without further adieu, let me introduce my newest little bundle of joy who arrived April 7th via c-section...baby Logan!!!!!!! I love that feeling of a new baby in the house - so much love filling the air, so much anticipation of milestones to be reached...but I also know it's a very … [Read more...]

Nuby Foam BathTub Letters & Numbers Review

foam letters

Woohoo!!  I'm so excited to announce I have been chosen as an official Nuby mommy blogger! What's the significance of this? Well, this means that periodically I will receive an assortment of Nuby products and be able to provide my readers with an honest review -- I will also be hosting giveaways from time to time to give someone else the chance to test out the product and see how awesome Nuby really is! For my first review, I chose to go with the foam bath letters and numbers. Not only does my toddler love bath time, but he also is a big fan of reciting (albeit a selective few) of his ABCs … [Read more...]