How to Feel Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public {Free Portable Printable}
Breastfeeding in the Summer: How to Survive the Heat with Baby
Pumping Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom: Tips to Build a Milk Supply
10 Breastfeeding Hacks the Nursing Mom Needs in Her Life

How to Feel Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public {Free Portable Printable}

It's a sad, but common reality when a mother is shamed or made to feel uncomfortable for trying to feed her child in public...whether by someone's rude remarks or by her own internal fears. As if feeding your baby is something out of the ordinary and offensive. But so goes the stigma that is often attached to breastfeeding in public. A bad first experience And there I was at a new mom's group. Everyone facing each other in a circle sharing their different birthing experiences, time management struggles and advice for soothing a crying baby. A place where first-time moms should feel … [Read more...]

7 Genius Ways to Get Your Toddler to Brush Their Teeth Without a Fight

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures. It's no secret getting a toddler to brush their teeth can be more of a chore than an essential part of your basic hygiene routine. They run. They hide. They grimace. Anything they can to avoid it. And when they do start brushing, it's still a bit of a chore. They load on the toothpaste and swallow it like candy (yikes!). Then they stroke their teeth for about 3 seconds and toss the brush into the sink when "done." Not very successful when you ask anyone, especially the dentist. So I started to think. How can I get my kids to … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding in the Summer: How to Survive the Heat with Baby

I fidgeted in my seat, drenched in sweat under the party tent, along with other guests. The late August sun scorching down on my body and baby under the sky blue nursing cover. It was a hot one for sure. And baby wasn't having it...hands flailing in the air, pulling on the obtrusive nursing cover, as a worried new mama nervously rocked baby back to the soothing breast. Even though we were seated in a relatively shady area, the summer heat was too much of a challenge to grapple with while breastfeeding. I needed to seek refuge in the air conditioned house and excuse myself. This post … [Read more...]

The Best Summer Activities for Babies

Finding summer activities to do with baby was a predicament I encountered every couple years with a newborn. While summer is one of the best times to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather, pool adventures and beach fun with kids, doing so with a brand new baby, brings on it's own set of challenges. Babies under 6 months of age need to be careful under the sun's direct rays, and older babies can't always participate in all the fun summer activities toddlers pursue. Each of my three kids were in that newborn phase at about 1-6 months throughout the hot summer days, so I can … [Read more...]

10 Gift Ideas the Stressed Out Mom Will Appreciate

Motherhood isn't always as easy or idyllic as we envision it to be when we are without child. It's one of those mysteries in life and unspoken truths. Before we become parents we long for the days we can cradle an angelic sleepy newborn baby in our arms. We can't fathom how exhausted and sleep-deprived that time period will actually be. We look forward to the days of planning playdate with our mommy friends. We don't think about the incessant screaming, hitting and biting that can consume kids during those terrible twos and threes stage. We dream about the moment our whole family can … [Read more...]

The Truth About Calcium Requirements During Pregnancy

Pregnant and looking to follow a healthy diet full of the proper amount of calcium and vitamins to meet baby and mommy's needs? Read more. The human body is capable of doing amazing things. The whole miracle of life and the fact that your pregnant body can provide all the necessary nutrients baby needs even when YOU don't get the recommended intake of vitamins or are too nauseous to eat well during pregnancy. Related: 25 Ways to Treat Morning Sickness But this of course has consequences for the expectant mom who needs to take care of herself to be able to handle the wide-array of physical … [Read more...]

14 Genius Pregnancy Hacks to Make Life Easier for the Mom-to-Be

Pregnant and looking to find the best pregnancy hacks out there? Or are you simply wondering what all the fuss is about these so-called hacks for mom-to-be? From a momma who's been there, here's the simple answer: Pregnancy hacks are tips and tricks the expectant mom needs when she's looking to survive the most physically and emotionally demanding 9 months of growing a little human. So if you fit the bill, and are a mom-to-be looking for clever ways to make your pregnancy a little easier, this list of pregnancy hacks and homemade tips will do just that. Whether it's managing the symptoms … [Read more...]

Pumping Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom: Tips to Build a Milk Supply

Are you a breastfeeding mother struggling to build up a milk supply? These no-brainer pumping tips will help you produce more milk so you can store up a supply to bottle feed baby. Perfect for moms going back to the workforce or moms who just want to get a hand feeding baby! This post contains affiliate links.   The whirring of a breast pump machine is a sound that brings numerous memories to mind for the nursing mother. Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw. It's an incessant hum that can infiltrate those exhausting days and nights throughout the blur of the newborn phase. Some moms … [Read more...]

The Best Party Games for Baby’s First Birthday

Celebrating baby's first birthday? You'll love these fun activities and games that are perfect for your child's special party! This post may contain affiliate links. Every mom wants to ensure their baby's first birthday celebration is perfect. Even though baby won't remember that first party, turning the big one is a special milestone all parents love looking back on. I remember how much thought and planning I put into my first child's birthday: hours of scouring the web for cute birthday party themes, decorations and food to fit the theme and satisfy guests of all ages. But the rainy … [Read more...]

Tummy Time Activities for Your Teething Baby

Teething is such an excruciating time for both baby and mommy. Obviously, your little bundle of joy is going through a lot of physical pain as a new tooth makes it's way through the gums, causing excessive drooling, fussiness and even more diaper rashes! So it's no surprise mommy is suffering watching her baby go through the process for months! When our little boys were going through the teething process, we made tummy time a playful moment to alleviate baby's pain with some fun sensory exploration. Tummy time is an essential part of baby's development that our pediatrician recommended … [Read more...]