Easy Chocolate-Covered Pretzels for Halloween

halloween pretzel snacks

There are two snacks that I can't get enough of: chocolate and pretzels. So when I started craving chocolate-covered pretzels, I took to Pinterest to see how I could make it happen. I was so excited when I stumbled upon a pumpkin-pretzel recipe that looked amazing! That's where my inspiration came from for these pumpkin + ghost snacks I ended up creating. First let me just say, the original idea I had in mind didn't quite work out due to a missing ingredient...so I decided to alter it a bit. Because sometimes you just have to keep going and make due with what you got. I'm so glad I kept … [Read more...]

10 Halloween Movies for Little Kids (That Aren’t Scary)

toddler-friendly halloween movie

Halloween is such a fun holiday for adults and little kids alike. I love all the costume-planning, spooky dessert recipes and pumpkin decorating that come to mind. But on the other end, all the vampires, witches and goblins can be a bit much for kids...especially the younger ones that can scare easily and really just learning the basics, like getting used to the dark! It's tough to find a family-friendly Halloween flick that won't completely spook your toddler! That's why this week, before all the gory horror flicks surface, I decided to round-up my favorite non-scary movies that would be … [Read more...]

Ending Domestic Violence with the #PurplePurse Challenge


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Allstate Foundation® and Latina Bloggers Connect. The recent headlines concerning the domestic abuse by Ray Rice and the NFL's response have been troubling, to say the least. The viciousness of Mr. Rice punching his then fiancé has been played over and over so many times, it is difficult to see what good could come from such a heinous act.  Yet, if there are any positives that can be found in such a tragic incident, one is the focus and awareness of domestic violence that has been generated by the media attention. Most people think … [Read more...]

Colorful DIY Fall Wreath for Kids

diy fall wreath for kids

I've been looking for an easy fall project to attempt with my toddler after seeing so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest.  However, knowing the short-attention span of a toddler and my need for a colorful wreath, I decided to put our own unique spin on the craft by painting the leaves we found and mixing them up with the bright foliage that was readily available. Here's what we used: Washable paint Paint brushes Cardboard Acorns Leaves Glue Scissor Here's what we did: We gathered up various leaves and acorns from around the yard which we could use to adorn our fall … [Read more...]

16 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives {Free Printable}

checklist for baby's arrival

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Huggies Little Snugglers and Latina Bloggers Connect. I remember when I was first pregnant and planning out all the things we needed to do in preparation for the arrival of our first bundle of joy. I knew I had to stock up on essential items like baby clothes, diapers, bottles etc. As a new mom, I was focusing on all the specific items baby needed...unfortunately I never really gave much thought to all those things I needed to do while I had the extra time! Because fast-forward two years later: I am a mom to a two year-old toddler and … [Read more...]

Mommy Needs a TimeOut Link Party #2


Today is Week #2 of the Mommy Needs a Time Out Linky Party! Last week we had 45 posts linked up, and we pinned our favorites to personal Pinterest boards. Join us each week to link up your parenting-related or family-friendly posts (DIY, crafts, recipes, tips, etc.). Your links will be shared on 9 blogs! Just a few rules for the linky party: Follow all of the hosts/co-hosts on their blogs by clicking on the images below (it is a clickable collage) and on social media through the Rafflecopter. We will be sure to return the love. Link up only what is yours. Also no … [Read more...]

Doing More for Those You Love #MoreToYou #MasDeLoTuyo


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Sears and Latina Bloggers Connect. I recently had the opportunity to preview a video Sears launched as a part of an ongoing effort to demonstrate all the ways customers can count on getting more from the brand. More value, more brands, more rewards. This "more to you" video series couldn't be more genuine as it features surprises from real people based on real tweets from those who are looking to simply give more to those they love. The video I watched featuring a young girl Jasmine, evoked tears of joy. Jasmine reached out to the brand … [Read more...]

Transitioning from Crib to Toddler Bed: Tips for a Stress-free Move

toddler bed

We knew that it was finally time to move our toddler out of his crib and into his big-boy bed when he kept finding a way out regardless of our efforts.  At first he jumped right over the railing and took a fall. Then he would maneuver furniture to support his escape. Finally he'd just climb out, balance his body on the very edge, shouting for "mama" or "dada" repeatedly. So we did some research and made the move. Although the transition wasn't without issues, there were a few steps we followed that helped make things a little less stressful. Today I share those tips, in hope that other … [Read more...]

Mommy Needs a Time-Out – Link Party #1


Every mom needs a timeout once in awhile. It's a time to sit back, relax and take a second to catch your breath...or share your favorite posts if you're a mommy blogger :)! Take your weekly timeouts with Mommy Needs a Time-Out, now that you've found us! The MOMMY NEEDS A TIMEOUT LINK PARTY  is hosted/co-hosted by an amazing group of women who enjoy a break from the hectic rush of motherhood. Join us each week to link up your favorite posts that are parenting-related or family-friendly (DIY, crafts, recipes, tips, etc.). Your links will be shared on 9 blogs. That’s 9 times the publicity for … [Read more...]

15 Kid-Friendly Apple Snacks

kid-friendly apple recipes

This is the time of year that I really love! Summer slowly draws to a close and the beautiful Fall foliage begins to make an appearance. We already have piles of leaves all over the yard! But it's also the time of year our newsfeeds are flooded with all sorts of apple-related recipes and activities...I can only wonder when my toddler will finally start entertaining the idea of eating apples during snack time! He's been a very picky-eater from the start...apples being one of his least-favorite fruits. So I started to think long and hard on ways to get him to join in the fun apple-picking … [Read more...]