Last-Minute 4th of July Crafts for Kids

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It's been a bit of a hectic week although I've seen tons of patriotic crafts filling my newsfeed, I wasn't able to devote much time to crafting with the little ones. And because Independence day is this weekend I figure better late than never! Last year, with limited craft supplies we made a VERY last minute red, white and blue sparkler craft. This year time got away from us again, so I scoured the web for some easy-to-make ideas that kids would still love. So for those mamas that only have a little bit of time to spare, here are the super-creative crafts we found that make … [Read more...]

3 Water Toys For Endless Fun in Pool & BathTub {Giveaway}

water whistler

We have a ton of toys lying around the bathroom. Some have been a life-saver when it comes to keeping our boys occupied as I wash their dirty fingers and toes; others have just added to the clutter. So anytime I discover a toy that I know we'll get a lot of use out of, it's like hitting a goldmine! Think: one less toy on the floor to trip over, hehe! Recently, I had the chance to review a few new products from TOMY Toys.  Toys that will add a little more fun into the normal bath time routine. And parents like me will appreciate these bath toys in particular, because they even double as pool … [Read more...]

Sun Protection & How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Neutrogena. I received samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Now that summer is officially here, the days are getting longer and hotter than ever. While we are thrilled to spend more time outdoors running around and splashing about, the extra hours of sunlight also mean more need to protect the delicate skin of our family members, especially little ones. My boys have sensitive skin that often burns easily. As infants both suffered from mild eczema. That's why … [Read more...]

DIY Massage Shirt of Dad’s Favorites

massage shirt

Father's Day is this weekend, and I've been thinking long and hard on what to create that would be perfect for dad to enjoy with the boys. After being inspired by this awesome massage shirt, I decided a similar craft would make a great Father's day gift idea, but with a personal twist: I would include all of dad's favorite things on the shirt. Dad can relieve muscle tension as cars roll up and down his back and get an awesome keepsake to remember a few of his favorite things. To start, I made sure I got the okay to use one of his white t-shirts and gathered a large sheet of drawing … [Read more...]

Easy Taco Nacho Dip: A Deliciously Spicy Recipe #SaveonHelper

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With summer around the corner, I've been on a hunt for delicious and easy recipe ideas I can make for the family. Last week, I shared a Four Cheese Lasagna recipe from Hamburger Helper® (ready in 20 minutes!) that even my kids enjoyed. Boxed meals aren’t typically my go-to pick, but when you’re low on time and add your own personal twist to them, they can really go a long way! This weekend, I picked up a box of the Crunchy Taco meal at Wal-Mart and decided to make a yummy taco nacho dip combined with my favorite flavors: guacamole, salsa and shredded cheese! To make the taco nacho … [Read more...]

Easy Four Cheese Lasagna Recipe to Satisfy the Whole Family


Did you know June is National Hamburger Month? Oh yes! And that's a good thing when you're a busy mom looking for some yummy meal ideas for the family. But with summer around the corner, that means more activities and outings planned…making even less time to spend in the kitchen. So I am always looking for easy dinner recipes that work well when I only have so much time for meal planning and cooking. I love that Hamburger Helper® makes my time preparing dinner so much easier. You literally just add a couple ingredients to the package and you're good to go! Betty Crocker has a whole … [Read more...]

Sleep Solutions: Tips to Help All Your Kids Sleep at Night

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Struggling to get your baby or toddler to sleep at night? You're not alone. Every single parent faces this battle at one point or another. Luckily today I have a guest blogger, Karen, from Sunbeams and Heartstrings who shares her best tips for getting children of ALL ages to sleep restfully. *** One of the biggest hurdles as a parent is getting a child to SLEEP. What works for one child may not work for another. I have found a few very successful sleep tips for my children (we are a blended family with 13 kids) that I would love to share with you! Infants to Age 2 If you nurse or … [Read more...]

Mom, Take a Break and Do Something For Yourself #SoFabUOTR #cbias


If you're a stay-at-home mom, like me, who also likes to build a blog in her "spare time" then you know how challenging life can be to make time for it all. Raising little ones is no easy feat. You have to attend to their every need, from prepping meals and wiping tushies to dealing with meltdowns and intervening in squabbles. And then of course there's always tending to the house and caring for yourself. So there's no surprise you may be struggling to fit time in for blogging. But I'm here to tell you that while it may not ever be an "ideal time" to focus on a new project, you … [Read more...]

A Veggie Dish Every Picky Eater Will Love #VeggieFries


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Veggie Fries. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions and reviews are my own. Like many parents with toddler-aged children, I've struggled to get my son to eat his veggies for some time now. It's a daily battle we face, constantly coercing our picky-eater to finish all his greens. We offer yummy dessert rewards, threaten turning off the TV and even offer fun activity incentives. But 9 out of 10 times it's all to no avail. He … [Read more...]

Keep Kid’s Clothes Baby Fresh, Beyond the Baby Phase #Amazinghood #Dreft

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Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Dreft.  All opinions are 100% mine. Mmmm. That sweet aroma of clean baby clothes fresh out of the laundry basket! It brings back such positive, tender memories of our new bundle of joy. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sorting through laundry baskets of newborn onesies, bibs and blankets! Even though there is never a dull moment with a fast-moving 3 year-old and newly walking 1 year-old, I miss those early days, partly because of all those new mommy emotions and wonderful smells. Smells like Dreft … [Read more...]