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Baby Shower Weekend

What a great weekend!  Both my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law hosted a baby shower for Charlie and I to help us gather some very necessary items for baby Chili.  We received tons of adorable outfits, bouncers, car seat, high chair, stroller, glider and crib!  Everything looked beautiful and I'm lucky to say that another one isn't too far away, since the rest of my family (my mom and sisters) are throwing a second shower for the other half on Long Island. Below are a few pictures I wanted to share. Enjoy :). … [Read more...]

Childbirth Prep Class: Part Two

This Saturday was the second part of our childbirth prep class.  Yes, 10 a.m. was still a bit early for the both of us, but our eyes lit up at the sight of the Dunkin Donuts munchkins waiting for us on the table :)! The session began with a review of the different types of births (vaginal vs. cesarean), the specific details entailed in each, and some medical procedures often necessary (aka episiotomies, use of forceps etc.).  The instructor seemed to want to fly through a few of her slides to avoid gasps from the men in the audience! Afterwards, we practiced some more breathing exercises … [Read more...]

30 Weeks Pregnant

It's getting harder and harder...just feeling really tired and overwhelmed, but gotta suck it up for another 7-10 weeks! How far along:  30 weeks.  5 days. Total weight gain:  I think…40lbs! Sleep:  Tossing and Turning. Sweating. Waking up with full bladder. Best moment this week:  Getting a maternity massage – the one where there is an area for you belly! Also, had a great dinner date with the in-laws! Movement: Tons! Symptoms:  Upper back pain. Lower back pain. Itchy skin. Nausea?! Food cravings:  Sherbet and smoothies!!! Food aversions:  Smell of poultry cooking and coffee … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays: Sleepy Puppy

I know, I know, he better not get use to sleeping on my bed with baby on board, but just have to let him indulge sometimes :)! … [Read more...]

Childbirth Prep Class: Part One

This weekend, my husband and I got up bright and early to attend our first childbirth preparation class!  It was the one class that I knew we needed to sign up for, to be as ready as we'd ever be for the reality of childbirth! We had a bit of a rough start to the morning as my husband isn't a morning person; He was super grumpy to be up and about at 9am on a Saturday (yeah, he better get used to it, I know!).  But as the morning progressed, he seemed to liven up a bit and looked less miserable then when we first arrived. The instructor began with a a power point overview of general … [Read more...]

29 Weeks Pregnant

A little late posting again this week.  For various reasons, I haven't been able to stick to posting the pregnancy updates the very first day of the new week like I had initially hoped to!  There has also been a few time constraints....whether I'm making time to play fetch with Gizmo, figuring out what the hubby and I are eating for dinner, doing laundry, or simply watching a bit of t.v. to unwind after an exhausting day at the office, it's been tough! I'm really starting to feel the symptoms of the "third trimester".  I'm much slower overall.  Can't get out of the car too fast, can't bend … [Read more...]

Product Review: Herbal Essences Smoothing Serum & Heat Protection Spray

Recently, I was invited to be an Herbal Essences Influencer as part of the Mamás Latinas community.  As a member, I received a collection of great hair care products and simply asked to use and then talk about each, sharing thoughts on the experience with other moms in the Mamás Latinas community. Not only was I super excited to be one of twenty-five chosen, but I couldn't wait to sample some new hair care products! I received four products in total, but just two that were perfect for my day-to-day styling routine: Herbal Essences Smoothing Serum Herbal Essences Heat … [Read more...]

28 Weeks Pregnant

I'm a little late in posting this week's update, but here we go anyhow... How far along:  28 weeks. 5 days. Total weight gain:  Think I actually only gained about a pound in the last week...so 36 lbs total. Sleep:  Having lots of trouble falling asleep again :( Best moment this week:  Getting to see my baby niece, Astrid Maria for her Christening! Movement:  YES! Baby responds to music vibrations, touch and sweet foods! :) Symptoms:  Severe back and neck pain...sigh. Food cravings:  Breads! Food aversions:  Chicken that is bland or … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays: Pregnant Fish?

Just wondering...because our tropical fish definitely seems to be sporting a baby bump!     … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Decorating a Nursery

With only 12 weeks 'til my official due date, I am thrilled that our baby nursery is slowly but surely coming together. Charlie and his dad painted the room a couple weekends ago, to what is now a medium, tropical blue.  Once that was tackled, I spent hours (literally!) looking for a complimentary wall paper border.  I was having such a tough time finding a perfect match, simply because all the underwater-like themes were already blue, which was a bit redundant.  However, I finally found an adorable border that fit into the theme; not only does it bring a smile to my face (think: soft … [Read more...]