A Simple Flower Craft for Kids

Today, in continuation of my “maternity leave” and just in time for the warmer weather, I am sharing a guest post by Ashley of MommaDOO on making a cute, yet simple flower craft inspired by the Eric Carle books.  What a perfect craft for learning about Spring as the flowers bloom and kids spend more time outdoors exploring nature!


The winter season is over! Springtime is here! And as much as I found it adorable when my toddler screamed “snow!” every time we walked out the door, I definitely am looking forward to the first time we see a colorful flower poking out of the ground.

flower craft

While we are waiting for the still-frozen ground to thaw, I have been finding various ways to introduce my son to flowers and plants. We stop by the florist in the grocery store, look at photos in magazines, and read books with beautiful nature illustrations. One of our family’s favorites, “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle, is not only a gorgeous piece of children’s literature, but also teaches young readers about strength, hope, the seasons and the life cycle of a flower.

Here is a flower craft you can do with your child to welcome springtime into your home. The activity uses artistic methods based on Eric Carle’s illustrations in “The Tiny Seed” that are great for all ages. The process is also very simple and uses limited supplies, so it is the perfect activity for busy little hands!

flower craft from Eric Carle


  • Orange and yellow tissue paper
  • Glue stick
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


1. Cut or rip the tissue paper into smaller pieces and set them aside.
2. Trace the outline of a flower on a piece of white paper and cut it out.
3. Show your child how to use the glue stick to cover the flower shape.
4. Press the tissue paper onto the paper until the surface is covered.

For older kids: Click here to learn how to make a collage illustration using a slightly more detailed technique taught by Eric Carle.

Make several of the crafts in different colors and hang them around the house to brighten up your days until that first flower of the season blooms. Happy Spring, and happy crafting!


Ashley is a freelance writer and educator from Western New York. Her blog, MommaDOO, is dedicated to play-based learning, kids activities and family life. Ashley is a mother of one and a huge advocate of learning through play. When she is not doing messy, creative activities with her son, she spends her time performing in local theatrical productions with her husband.

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  1. There are so many hours to fill up in day now that school is out. Parents need as many of these ideas as they can get their hands on.

  2. I remember writing this! I am definitely going to link back to you in the spring time on One Mindful Mom 🙂 Your baby must be getting so big now!

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