DIY Frankenstein Halloween Costume for Kids

Stiff body, arms reaching straight out, head held high.

I watched my toddler carefully, as he pretended to be the scary Frankenstein he was so fond of ever since he spotted an old Halloween prop in his grandparent’s garage.

That Halloween, he had changed his mind about 10 times when contemplating what he wanted to dress up as. Yes, kids will do this to you…even after you’ve purchased a costume or two.

But after this impressive reenactment (which he picked up on from marathon-watching Alvin & the Chipmunks Movie featuring Frankenstein) I knew Frankenstein was the perfect Halloween costume for my toddler!

My toddler LOVED this homemade Frankenstein costume! Such a perfect and easy DIY Halloween costume for kids!!

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Last year with Halloween only a few days away, it called for a little creativity. I wasn’t going to find anything in time so yes, I had to use whatever was lying around the house to make my toddler a Frankenstein costume.

Here’s how we created our homemade Frankenstein Halloween costume:


  • Small box
  • Green & black paint (acrylic paint like this works best!)
  • Paint brush
  • Milk caps
  • Green t-shirt
  • Dress jacket


The first step is to find a small box that will serve as the Frankenstein headpiece. I was lucky to have just the perfect size box — I made sure I measured around my son’s head first to get the approximate length, width and depth and then compared that to the boxes available. You want something a little larger in width than a milk carton.

Once you have your box, cut one end so that it covers the back of your child’s head, but sits right at his eyebrows.

Gather your paints and go at it, starting with a bright (or even florescent) green acrylic paint color. You may have to do several layers to cover up any markings.

Allow the paint to dry for a few hours (ideally you’d let it dry overnight) but if you’re really pressed for time 2 hours should be enough.

Then you can go ahead and add eyebrows and a scar with the black paint. You don’t have to be super talented to do this — trust me, I just googled an image of Frankenstein and worked from there.

My toddler LOVED this homemade Frankenstein costume! Such a perfect and easy DIY Halloween costume for kids!!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, but we added bolts to our headpiece after it was painted. We used milk carton caps (the ones you find on the half-gallon milk containers) and hot-glued them on to complete the monster — but I just realized these water bottle caps would have worked even better!

For the body, we went with an oversized suit-jacket– a little too big for my then 3 year-old — but perfect for a real Frankenstein body where the shoulder pads came in handy!

We purchased an oversized bright green shirt that was on clearance. If you buy one like this (which your child will actually wear all the time) you can simply wear it backwards with the full costume.

The Frankenstein costume was such a hit — not only did we get comments from trick-or-treaters impressed by the creativity going the homemade route, but most importantly, our toddler loved it! He was beaming every time he got to show-off the costume.

So glad “I created a monster!!” (A cute one, anyhow ;)!)

If your child is like mine and in the process of changing his Halloween costume, our version makes for an easy backup costume. If you still have time, be sure to check out the cute Frankenstein kid’s costumes below for purchase!

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  1. I’m all for DIY costumes. It’s more affordable – not to mention creative – that way.
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