Finding the Win-Win Moments Amidst the Chaos #GerberWinWinMoments

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of Gerber®. All opinions are my own.

These days with two little ones more active than ever, fighting and making messes all over the house, it’s tough not to feel defeated. There is always a bit of tantrums, crying and yelling to add to the chaotic days. I find myself saying, “NO!” more often than yes.

NO! You can’t push your brother and take all his toys!

NO! You can’t eat dog food!

NO! You can’t eat a donut for breakfast…lunch and dinner!

It’s just the reality of the times, with a cranky baby exploring the world around him and a toddler who is always pushing the limit. So it’s no secret I’m constantly on the look out for those win-win moments.

YES! You can go “dino-hunting” with your brother!

YES! You can scratch Gizmo’s tummy!

YES! Of course, you can have more of that spinach smoothie!

And Gerber® understands these win-win moments that come about when both mom and baby are happy. That’s what the Gerber® Graduates® line is all about: nutritious and yummy foods that we can all appreciate.

My little ones can’t get enough of their wholesome meal options and snacks. One of their favorites are the Puffs cereal and lil’ Crunchies snacks in veggie and ranch flavor. It’s a snack that I’m happy to let them munch on throughout the day.


And now until April 27th, Gerber is happy to spread those win-win moments with the Gerber Graduates Win-Win Moment campaign. A campaign where families get rewarded with a Gerber Graduates gift bundle (consisting of a meal mat and bib valued at $11.98) just for buying foods they already love!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.20.32 PM

Participating is easy. Simply purchase 10 Gerber Graduates meal items on the same receipt and upload a picture of the receipt to the Gerber website.


So if you are already buying Gerber Graduates food for your little ones (like we are!) why not get some useful feeding products in the process. That’s what I call win-win!

Don’t forget to grab your #GerberWinWinMoment swag and connect with Gerber on Facebook and Twitter.


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