Flying With Baby: 5 Must-Haves for Your Travels

Last week was our first real trip…on a plane with baby on board!  It was a big deal for me, since I’ve been super selective and careful when it comes to traveling with baby.  I mean he is in fact still a baby!

We were on our way to Seattle to turn a business trip into an extended weekend with family.  And we had a great time, despite the signature rainy weather that frequents the city, checking out the local aquarium, zoo and children’s museum.  While our trip wasn’t free from a little baby hiccups, there were a handful of products that made the trip much more comfortable.  I’d like to share those with you, so you can keep them in mind on your first flights!

flying with baby tips

1. Puffs

superpuffs snacksThese little snacks were a God-send during our flight! Anytime Chili became antsy, I just gave him a handful and he gobbled them up! I especially love the organic Happy Puffs brand. They are super healthy and come in a variety of flavors from spinach to apples and bananas.  Can’t go wrong with these as long as baby is 9 months+.  They not only dissolve in the mouth, but are the perfect size for those tiny hands eager to grab everything in sight!

2. Table Toppers

When it came to eating out, we couldn’t pass up all the local seafood specials and restaurants around us…we just needed a way to make it work for baby.  table toppers for restaurantsLuckily, I spotted these handy table top covers that were ideal for the occasion!  On the one hand, they tackle the issue of germs and at the same time provide endless entertainment for baby while you enjoy your meal!

3. Snap-n-Go with Car seat

snap n goI knew traveling — ahem — flying with baby wasn’t going to be stress-free, but little did I know there would be a few perks here and there during boarding. For starters, anyone traveling with an infant (under age 2) can pre-board!  And the other great thing is that you can check your strollers at the gate before getting on the plane! Since we were also renting a car, having the convenience of a car seat on board, allayed some of my concerns.

4. Toys

baby mirrorOne thing I definitely didn’t get right, was onboard entertainment.  I only packed a couple of toys in my carry-on because I knew I didn’t have much space to work with: a short book, a teether and stuffed animal.  Thought that would be enough…until I realized 5 hours on a plane can get boring for a baby!  If I could do that one over, I think I would be sure to find something like a mini puzzle or contraption that could keep baby interested for more than 60 seconds! Whoops.

5. Milk

By far the greatest secret for newbie mommy and baby travelers? Feeding during take-off and landing!  I did my research on this one and found it ideal for alleviating pressure change issues in the ears! So I packed my nursing cover and timed my feeding well. Worked like a charm! (Note: If baby won’t feed precisely on time, try giving him a few snacks to munch on instead!)

Safe travels!

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  1. Great tips!! Flying with a baby is stressful, but it can be done successfully. I promise.

  2. I am glad you had a good trip with the baby! This list will come in handy for many new mothers!

    • Thanks for the comment Tabitha! Yes, the flight was much better than I anticipated. I’m glad I did my research!!

  3. Oh I remember those days! we always made sure we had a pacifier, the sucking helped with their ears. My oldest one always did well flying, my youngest one, a whole different story. She cried on a flight for so long that when she finally quit, the passengers started clapping!

    • The sucking or eating during take off/landing really does make a huge difference for those little ears!! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Those are some awesome tips! I never traveled with my kids as babies but this would have came in handy.

  5. We always tried to fly later at night so that our daughter would fall asleep. We chose the 8pm flights. Gave her a bottle on take off and covered her car seat with a blanket. Worked every time!

    • Great idea Christina! I always try to plan around baby’s nap times too — and the bottle or feeding during take off/landing helps a ton!

  6. The first time I flew with my little one she was just a few days shy of 2 months. I thought I had everything I needed for the 6 hour flight. I pretty much had most of the things you’ve listed. What I didn’t have was an extra hand to help zip my pants. From that day on I learned to fly wearing a dress, skirt, or sweats. Happy SITS day.

    • Oh Andrea! I totally feel your pain – I had to travel one-way alone and my gosh was it a challenge when the little one got antsy! An extra pair of hands would have helped a ton!

  7. I always loved that stroller gate check option! We use it now with our booster seats so we don’t have to deal with baggage claim.

  8. WONDERFUL advice. Having toys is HUGE! Thank you! And Happy SITS Day!

  9. Hi Ana! Paying you a visit from The SITS Girls. Very good article on traveling with baby. Sometimes other passengers forget when they were children or when their kids were young and are not so patient with others who have a little one with them, so taking with all the necessary items to care for your child, to keep him entertained and to make the trip enjoyable, will surely relieve you and your husband from stress and from having to deal with complaints from others around you.

  10. I never flew with any of my 4 kids, but seems like you’ve got the bases covered. Happy Sits day!

  11. Stopping by from the SITS FB page – great tips! My kids are now tweens but I flew several times with my oldest when he was an infant because I lived in a different state from my family. I ended up carrying him in a sling and using the stroller to carry my bags, etc. Then I’d gate check the stroller and only have to carry the bags down the aisle. He’s 12 now, he can carry his own stuff and it is nice! 🙂

  12. I love the look of your blog – very attractive and well arranged. These travel tips are great. I’m sure I will post on this same topic eventually and am making a note to include a link to your site. Hope your SITS day was successful.

  13. Thanks for allowing me to share your post in my traveling with kids roundup. It will go live November 12th!
    Shannon recently posted…Anniversary Eve – A Time of ReflectionMy Profile


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