How to Get Your Baby & Toddler to Nap at the Same Time

Picture this: You’re relaxing on the couch, feet propped up, sipping your favorite iced beverage and snuggling up to your favorite book, right before dozing off and getting some much needed rest. All because you got BOTH kids down for a nap simultaneously! Ahhh, life is good.

Isn’t it every mother’s dream to nap while her children nap? Or perhaps it’s her dream to simply relish the moment and quietly tackle that never-ending to do list.

Whatever the reason for wanting your children to nap at the same time, believe me, every mother in the world understands it.

If you have a new baby or even an older baby, it’s important that everyone naps at the same time. Not only does it help keep your sanity, it’s a lot easier to have two kids sleeping at once so they don’t wake each other. Here are some tips for getting baby and toddler to nap at the same time.

Need to get your baby and toddler to nap at the same time? Start doing these 5 things now!

Wear Them Out

After having several kids, one major tip I can give you is to make them tired. Let them run around, be crazy, and get excited because they are that much more likely to get to nap. Think about how much easier you fall asleep when you’ve been physically active and running around: You fall asleep that much easier!

It’s a simple, yet often overlooked tip to keep in mind.

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Lay Them Down at the Right Time

Kids can become overtired (or not tired enough!) at different points in the day. You have to nail down exactly what time they are tired and get them down for a nap. It’s called the window of nap opportunity. Trust me mamas, you do not want to miss this opportunity! Keep an eye out for those tell-tale signs of a tired kid: eye-rubbing, yawning or simply a calm demeanor. 

Keep Them on a Schedule

On top of trying to wear them out and lay them down at the right time, you’ll want to keep kids on a schedule. Waking up at the same time, having lunch at the same time, and even going to bed at the same time are great examples of having a schedule. Kids seem to do best whenever they know what’s coming. It’s quite amazing how the brain can adapt to a consistent schedule for the benefit of everyone!

Know What Time Works Best

Over time, you will start to notice what time works best for your kids to lay down for a nap. Some babies and toddlers nap better in the mid-morning and some nap better in the mid-afternoon. You really just have to start looking for patterns and see what works for them. You may find that after a few morning naps, your kids actually naps longer in the afternoon. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll figure out what works best for both.

Lay off the Sugar

Most kids are not going to nap at the same time as their baby sibling if they are full of sugar. The baby may be getting tired, but the toddler could go all day long. Watching what your toddler eats can help them sleep better at nap time. The same goes for a nursing baby, you may want to watch drinking caffeine at certain times to make sure it doesn’t interfere with their nap time. Think back to the last time you had coffee too late in the day, you couldn’t sleep, it has the same effect.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes awhile to get your baby and toddler to nap at the same time. Sometimes it just takes a little time for everyone to get adjusted.

However, if you follow these tips and are consistent, you will start noticing that what seemed impossible isn’t so far out of reach and soon BOTH kids will be snoozing at the same time, each day so you have a little hands-free time to yourself!Need to get your baby and toddler to nap at the same time? Start doing these 5 things now!

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  1. Yes, laying off sugar is a big one in our house. And if the older child won’t nap anymore having a quiet hour at baby’s nap time is a lifesaver.

    Thanks for the great tips!
    ashley recently posted…How to Create a Play Area for Your BabyMy Profile

  2. I WISH I had this about 4 1/2 years ago!!!! My first was just starting to give up his nap when my youngest was born!
    Karen Patten recently posted…Perfection: You Might Be Getting It WrongMy Profile

  3. Great tips! I’ve been pretty good about getting the baby and toddler to nap at least a little bit at the same time (hope I didn’t just jinx myself). I usually wear them both out in the mornings. I also keep everything really consistent. We eat lunch at the same time, read books, sing the same song, I lay the baby down while I put the toddler to bed and then go back to help the baby to go to sleep. It works for now… I know things change so quickly with babies though!
    Tricia the Good Mama recently posted…Simple Heart-Shaped Vegetable Stamp Activity for ToddlersMy Profile

  4. I have never been able to do this very well. It’s usually by some great miracle that all my kids nap/rest at the same time. I will have to try some of these tips!
    Joanie @Simple Living Mama recently posted…5 Budget BustersMy Profile

  5. Sugar is the source of all napless days!
    Stefanie / The Monarch Mommy recently posted…The One Piece of Advice All New Parents Need to HearMy Profile

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