5 Tips to Baby Proof Your Christmas Tree

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With Christmas around the corner, I knew it was time to get serious about baby-proofing and toddler-proofing our Christmas tree. Little ones are so curious about the world around them. A 6-7 foot tree dazzled in lights and shiny ornaments will only attract them even more. If I learned anything from the last two years with my first son, I knew it was time to put a plan in action to keep him and my youngest son safe from danger, and keep our home Christmas-ready.

baby-proofing christmas tree

Here are 5 easy ways to baby-proof your Christmas tree:

1. Put the tree up in stages

In an excited rush to decorate immediately after Thanksgiving, you may decide to put up your tree and deck the halls completely. But it usually works to mommy’s advantage if you put things up in stages. For example, this year we set up the tree + lights one weekend, but waited until the following weekend to add the ornaments. Breaking it up like this, may help baby get used to the new addition and gives your toddler some time to understand each phase of the decorating process…so he can get comfortable with the tree and not see it as some interesting big toy to explore when mommy’s not looking.

2. Place kid-friendly ornaments at bottom section

I definitely learned the hard way when we decorated the tree as we would every year – with ornaments of all sizes and material evenly spaced out throughout the tree. Let’s just say a few ornaments are no longer with us this year. Whether you have a crawler, new walker or runner, it’s important to remember that anything within baby’s reach will be meddled with. Try to place your fragile or glass ornaments at the very top of the tree and leave the bottom section open to those DIY kid ornaments they helped create.

3. Use a baby-gate around the tree

This is most helpful for mommies with mobile babies. Our littlest has been crawling all over the place for over a month now (thanks to learning from big brother), but that makes it all the more important to keep what’s not-safe out of reach. A gate can help form a barrier between your Christmas tree and little ones.

4. Stack tall heavy presents around the tree

If the thought of an unsightly gate around your tree isn’t something you want to do, why not get creative with all those gifts surrounding the tree? If you have big enough boxes you can wrap them up and arrange them in a way that closes off access to glass ornaments or wires.  This is just a brilliant idea that I never considered until I stumbled upon a useful post about toddler-proofing!

5. Conceal wires and plugs

With all the string of Christmas lights and extension cords weaved throughout the house, it’s important to keep them out of baby’s reach. Make sure you either invest in an outlet cover and wire case or tape down wires to prevent hazards.

Enjoy sharing the excitement of the holidays with your children, but remember to always put their safety at the top of the list for the happiest of holidays!

5 easy tips to baby proof your Christmas tree | These hacks will keep your Christmas decorations intact, baby safe and mommy sane!

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  1. James Robert says:

    Now I need tips to keep kittens out of a tree. My kids do okay with it but their kitten has climbed up it daily and knocked down many ornaments. Even fell asleep at the top of the tree

  2. For me #3 of use a baby-gate around the tree is a perfect solution.
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